Tell Us About Great Google Mashups, Go To Google I/O Free

John Musser
Feb. 20 2009, 05:45AM EST

With close to 50 Google APIs in our directory and the single most popular API for mashups, Google is building a large developer ecosystem. And with whole new platforms like Android and AppEngine, there's a lot for developers to learn about. So, coming later this spring Google will be hosting their second annual multi-day developer event in San Francisco: Google I/O, May 27-28. Last year's I/O Event drew over 3,000 developers and featured the launch of AppEngine. This year's recently announced event looks to be bigger and broader with 80+ sessions including:

  • App Engine, Offline processing on App Engine: a look ahead
  • Android, Supporting multiple devices with one binary
  • Chrome, Developing extensions for Google Chrome
  • GWT, The Story of your Compile: reading the tea leaves of the GWT compiler for an optimized future
  • AJAX APIs, Using AJAX/RESTful APIs on Mobile Native Apps
  • OpenSocial, Building a Business with Social Apps
  • Geo APIs, Building scalable Geo applications

Besides the sessions themselves, it's a very good opportunity to meet in person with the Google engineers building the APIs and platforms.

If you do register before May 1, you'll save $100 off the $400 ticket price and as a bonus you'll get a hard copy of the Google Chrome Comic book that caused quite a stir when it was published to accompany the launch of Chrome last fall.

ProgrammableWeb has 10 free passes to Google I/O, worth $400 each, to give away. We'll give these tickets to the people who let us know in the comments or our Add a Link form about one or more great Google mashups that are not yet in our mashup directory. Our editors will pick the top entries from this list and contact the winners. The list of Google APIs is here and each API has a mashup list available from its API page. And remember that last year when we offered free tickets to I/O they were gone in a flash, so let us know early and you'll get a free two-day tour of the future according to Google.

John Musser




Want another useful mashup? Try Calculate Fastest Roundtrip:

Basically it's the classic Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) in Google Maps. Enter multiple points and it will calculate the fastest route.

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