ThinkUp Now Supports Google Plus API

Kin Lane
Oct. 14 2011, 12:00AM EDT

ThinkUp -- the free, open source web application that captures your posts, tweets and other data on social networks like Twitter and Facebook -- has added support for Google Plus.  Thanks to the the newly-released Google Plus API, ThinkUp now lets you download all of your social data from the major social networks.

You can download ThinkUp and install it anywhere. The tool even offers a ThinkUp Launcher for installing it in 60 seconds on Amazon EC2.   Using the Twitter API, Facebook Social Graph API, and now Google Plus API, ThinkUp pulls and stores your social activity in a data that you control, making it easy to search, sort, analyze and publish social activity across your networks.

ThinkUp began as a personal project of Gina Trapani, and now has a large developer community around the open source project.  You can download ThinkUp installer, get the source code from Github, and participate in the ThinkUp project -- all of which demonstrates the important role APIs play not just in data portability, but also in personal data control and ownership.

Kin Lane I am a programmer and entrepreneur, with a focus on the business of APIs. I study how APIs are changing the business landscape, and the rise of API driven developer ecosystems. I share my insights by blogging on API Evangelist and ProgrammableWeb, and put into action as API evangelist for CityGrid.