Venerable Survey Tool Adds Powerful API

Adam DuVander
Feb. 28 2013, 09:14AM EST

Fourteen year-old SurveyMonkey is catching up with a newly-launched SurveyMonkey API to access user surveys and the data within them. It appears the time the company waited to expose its API was well spent. The initial offering includes OAuth and full survey response data.

The new API went live with I/O docs documentation, which allows developers to try out the API from within the documentation. By supporting OAuth, SurveyMonkey is making it possible for developers to easily write tools to access others' surveys. In contrast, my baseline expectation for newcomers is to use key-based authentication to get at one account. Adopting OAuth shows the company is serious about creating a useful API.

SurveyMonkey is launching with a big social partner in HootSuite. “We’re excited about enabling our customers to survey members of their social communities, as well as view and analyze real-time survey results, from the same place they manage and execute social campaigns,” HootSuite's Mark Holder said.

The announcement comes just in time for SXSW. SurveyMonkey will have a booth in Circus Mashimus March 8-12.

SurveyMonkey is not a stranger to APIs, at least via acquisition. It acquired form builder Wufoo and the Wufoo API in 2011. A year earlier, it bought a Twilio mashup to enable phone polling.

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