Venueseen Campaigns API Leverages the Power of Instagram to Create a Powerful Social Photography Marketing Tool

Janet Wagner, Contributing Writer
Jan. 17 2013, 10:00AM EST

Venueseen, a visual marketing and social media management solutions company, has just announced the release of the Venueseen Campaigns API allowing developers access to a powerful Instagram driven marketing tool.

Indy 500 Map

Indianapolis Motor Speedway used the Venueseen Campaigns API to plot Instagram photos on an interactive map. Image Credit: Venueseen

The Venueseen Campaigns API allows companies to create marketing campaigns based on specific Instagram hashtags as well as photo geotags. The use of hashtagged and geotagged Instagram photos by the Venueseen Campaigns API makes it possible to:

  • Showcase Instagram photos on additional channels.
  • Monetize social image sharing platform Instagram.
  • Extend the life of image based contests, marketing campaigns and user-generated content.
  • Increase customer engagement and brand loyalty
  • Analyze the performance of marketing campaigns

Brian Zuercher, Venueseen's CEO states in the press release the necessity of an image based marketing tool like the Venueseen Campaigns API:

"The explosion of social photography has forced brands to change the way they think about user-generated content. The C-suite doesn't care about likes and comments, they want to see how social content can be monetized. The API lets brands extend the life of photo contests, campaigns and user-generated content. Now, they can 'unlock' amazing Instagram photos and showcase them on their own websites or other campaign channels."

Companies interested in using the Venueseen Campaigns API can contact Venueseen using the contact form on their website.

Janet Wagner is a data journalist and full stack developer based in Toledo, Ohio. Her focus revolves around APIs, data visualization, machine learning, and data-driven journalism. Follow her on Twitter: @webcodepro, Google+, or send her an email.