Win Startup Mentorship In TradeKing Pitch Fest

Garrett Wilkin
Sep. 06 2012, 01:00PM EDT

TradeKing, who provides financial services APIs like the TradeKing API, has partnered with the 1M/1M global virtual business incubator program to provide a pitch fest contest.  20 entrepreneurs who submit their applications by September 10th will be selected to give present their pitch to Silicon Valley strategy consultant Sramana Mitra & TradeKing CEO Dan Raju.  12 teams will be selected from the group to receive a year of mentorship and guidance.  The pitch fest will be broken into two presentation dates, October 4th and 10th.

1M/1M aims to create $1 Trillion in GDP growth by 2020 by helping one million entrepreneurs establish one million dollars in revenue.  The philosophy of the 1M/1M group is that by focusing on only those entrepreneurs who receive funding we, as a society, are missing out on the energy and creativity of millions of people.

If you've been thinking of bootstrapping your business idea, or have your sights set on a lifestyle business, this could be a great coaching opportunity.  All ideas need to be debated, refined, and questioned from different angles.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert in your corner?

Garrett Wilkin




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The deadline for this contest is September 10, not September 14. Please note.

Also, 1M/1M works with entrepreneurs who are looking to build fundable business as well, and we also help you with the funding process:

You may also find these links helpful in determining if you'd like to apply for the program:

More FAQs here:

Hope this helps developers get your arms around what we're doing.

Many thanks for covering the story.


Sramana Mitra

Founder, 1mby1m