YouTube API Reborn

John Musser
Aug. 30 2007, 02:36AM EDT

Developers of web mashups using video content now have some more powerful tools at their disposal. As announced this week, the YouTube team have overhauled their entire API. Rather than the older REST/XML-RPC API it's now a member of the GData family of protocols. Our YouTube API profile has been updated accordingly. This is a good change and will only further fuel interest in this API. (Not that the API has suffered for lack of interest to date given that we have 158 YouTube web mashups listed here. Video is hot.)

Some key details from the announcement:

You'll be able to do all the things you could with the old API (search through videos, get user information, and list playlists). On top of that, we've added more flexibility with filtering, querying, and alternative outputs (e.g. if you want output in JSON). Brand new feeds include video responses, full comments list, and related videos.

Additionally, the Google data client libraries are now at your disposal. The Java client library even has YouTube-specific extensions, and you can check out the Java developer guide for sample code and explanations. More documentation in different languages is on the way.

This new API also fulfills many of the feature requests you've been asking for, e.g. you can now filter search results by upload date, view count, and rating as well as relevance. Visit the wiki for a full list of completed requests.

The old API will be supported through this time next year and they're providing a migration guide to help transition existing applications.

This release is a read-only API but apparently they're hard at work adding write capabilities including programmatic video upload. Interesting to note that the new version does not require a developer ID.

And in case you missed it, ProgrammableWeb now offers the ability to filter APIs by protocol. So for example you can see just GData-compatible APIs. Which in turn highlights the fact that they're not all from Google.

John Musser




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[...] YouTube API Reborn Developers of web mashups using video content now have some more powerful tools at their disposal.As announced this week,the YouTube team have overhauled their entire API.Rather than the REST/XML-RPC API it’s now a member of the GData family of protocol (tags: youtube programming development api gdata) [...]