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Checking if a stock market is open or closed: how?


I am using the yahoo finance API to track stocks but i would need to know if a stock market i open or closed. Unfortunately YF does not provide that info. Is there a way I could find that info somewhere? I am talking about markets all over the world, so not just NYSE.

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Looking fo Develope for API integration

Please contact me Janet Sam +91 9664763435, Mumbai, India

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consuming API IT-e books

Hi, I am trying to read data using the api "IT eBooks API " which can be found at the location "". I am writing the following code in c# to consume it , however I get a could not connect error.

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Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI Live Cricket Streaming & Highlights | Aug 26, 2014

Watch Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI Live Cricket Streaming & Highlights played on Aug 26, 2014. free online video Streaming scores, hd live streaming, PTV Sports and many other tv live channles list

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Looking for a developer to customize [When I Work] API and wordpress


I need someone who could modify our wordpress so that the schedules linked to the employees profiles would auto update

Please contact if you have the skills


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Bring Real Time Engagement to your mobile and web apps using the Moxtra SDK

My name is Raj, I am Developer Evangelist at Moxtra.

Moxtra is mobile first contextual communication and collaboration cloud platform. Moxtra SDK allows any mobile or web application on any device to integrate Moxtra platform capabilities to bring contextual communication and collaboration around app and content.

Moxtra SDK allows your application users to engage with each other via chat, voice call, screen sharing, voice & visual clips, documents, videos and annotation without leaving your app.

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Android SDK for the Tradier API.

I know a few developers on this forum had requested this in the past and so wanted to update this community.

Tradier( customer, Utsav Shah, recently open-sourced his Android SDK making it easier than ever to build mobile applications connected with Tradier. It implements all REST-based API functionality including: trading, accounts and market data. It also includes some steps to help integrate the complete OAuth flow into your application.

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Google calendar double book

Loking for an add-on to detect when a repeating event his/overlaps with one already scheduled in a set of shared calendars.

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Drupal Association Publicized Keynotes for DrupalCon Prague

Drupal Association is devoted to sustaining Drupal open source projects. Drupal is based on millions of sites and software applications, right from personal blogs to large portals, websites of major publishing houses, universities and government projects, such as websites The Economist, web or White House. Drupal has been working on a community of people from 228 ​​countries who speak 181 languages.

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Video Thumbnail Generator

Video Thumbnail Generator Free