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Payment getway

is it possible to integrate perfect money payment getway into any of mywebsite?

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dataset of mashup services

How To create a mashup service dataset using API's??

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& symbol is not working at WebeEx Using Mozilla FireFox Browser

Dear All,

When I am accessing the below mentioned URL and am getting the email with url but language content is not appending with mail.


then I have disabled the IE Tab2 ADD on then again was accessing the above mentioned URL and automatically the Cisco Webex Add-on Download and the am getting the email with url and language also appended properly

Do you have any reason for this issue?

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want to get ringtones

Hi, guys!

I am gonna to develop ringtones app such as

so,, I hope to use

is it possible and how should I do implement?

Best, Jinge

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Facing 'AutoMapper.AutoMapperMappingException' Issue while calling GetVehicleValuesByVehicleConfiguration function of KBB

My C# Code as follow : I am using VehicleInformationService2008R2.svc reference.

string UserName = "######"; // Do Not want to disclose so made it ######
string Password = "****"; // Do Not want to disclose so made it ****

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gps tracking system

Connect My World provides best online GPS tracking system in India - GPS trackers, GPS tracking device, GPS Locator for vehicle, fleet, Kids and people in India. Place your Order Now!

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Alpha Man Pro ideal supplement for wellbeing retaining all over the place

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