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Impact on Cloud Hosting, Storage and Backup Service Demand

The year 2015 is well underway and according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs, it is expected that cloud computing will grow at a rate of 30% over the next three years, \a trend that started back in 2013.

To know more read : http://www.venture.ca/cloud-computing-forecast-2015-impact-cloud-hosting...

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How Do You Create REST APIs?

With a number of ways to approach creating an API, what tools suit the forum newbie developers members here?
Developers may like to read this beginner’s guide to creating REST APIs with the Slim framework. https://jresponse.net/blog/build-a-rest-api-with-the-slim-framekwork/

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A social application for creating and sharing soundshots of the world
Available for Android Smartphone, Smart TV, Smart Car, tablet and PC.
It provides an interactive World Map of sound using georeferenced audio.
It offers an optimized search thanks to the enabled grouping of located points.
It is a free, multilingual and personalized service.

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Forum jual beli thejual

Taukah anda ketika anda mengetik huruf di google akan keluar huruf bantuan. Atau di kenal dengan google sugesst,
Contoh anda mengetik baju maka akan kluar baju pria, baju muslim dll.
Di sini saya mau membantu agar produk kita muncul di google sugest. contoh anda berjualan baju bermerek "wakwaw" bagimana agar orang mengetik kata baju di google akan kluar " baju wakwaw"...?
Agar muncul di google sugest harus ada 1.000 atau 2.000 yang mengetik kata "baju wakwaw" wah gimana caranya bisa bengkok jari kita..

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mother's day 2015

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Can you send me list of customer

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Where to buy school management software

I'm looking for school management software. Anyone c

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Buy Email Lists of Business Mailing Lists

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New API not listed

I have submitted our new route optimization API, but it does not seem to get added to the directory:


I have e-mail support, but no response so far.

Is something wrong with the input? Or any other problem?