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Tesla addresses range anxiety

Currently the biggest setback electric cars are facing is range anxiety. People don’t want to invest in a car that will run out of juice before it can get them to their destination. To address this problem, Tesla has come up with an interesting solution. While it isn’t as exciting as a new and improved battery that will hold a charge longer, it will lessen range anxiety. Their solution is a software update that includes a Range Assurance and Trip Planner feature that automatically schedules stops at recharging stations during longer trips.

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Greetings Everyone

hi all,
This is my first post. I'm trying to post in this forum features. I was introduced beegros. a web developer who was working in a shop in Bandung Indonesia. requires information about the APIs that are suitable for my web. I want to create a REST API for android application using data from the web.

please advise

thank you

<a href="">beegros</a>

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Lightspeed API

I would like to update Product Quantity of Lightspeed using Lightspeed API.

Can anyone help me in this regard ??/

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Hey guys, I am new to web design and I want to create a sports betting site using PHP and I was wondering if there is an api that I can use to get like different football/soccer and rugby leagues onto my site and from that I can add stats in for betting, is there anyone who can help me?

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QA Online Training And Job Assistance In USA

H2kinfosys is a one of foremost online training institute that offers on demand courses on testing tools and other software technologies. We deliver comprehensive qa testing training with advanced techniques, where learns gain sophisticated and maximum of knowledge to get succeed in their career.

Software testing industry working professionals are associated with our organization as instructors. Our instructors have designed course curriculum according to the today’s job market. We also offer training on JAVA, BA, Hadoop, Informatica, Selenium, and other courses.

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Impact on Cloud Hosting, Storage and Backup Service Demand

The year 2015 is well underway and according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs, it is expected that cloud computing will grow at a rate of 30% over the next three years, \a trend that started back in 2013.

To know more read :

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How Do You Create REST APIs?

With a number of ways to approach creating an API, what tools suit the forum newbie developers members here?
Developers may like to read this beginner’s guide to creating REST APIs with the Slim framework.

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A social application for creating and sharing soundshots of the world
Available for Android Smartphone, Smart TV, Smart Car, tablet and PC.
It provides an interactive World Map of sound using georeferenced audio.
It offers an optimized search thanks to the enabled grouping of located points.
It is a free, multilingual and personalized service.