BuildaSearch: Why I Built a Search API

Developers are often finding themselves as API providers in addition to consumers. The same is now true for me with my project, BuildaSearch. I recently released a BuildaSearch API for deeper site search integration, moving away from a more plug-and-play approach I took earlier on.

Weather Sites + Bing Maps

Though Google Maps may still be the choice of most developers, Bing continues to be a contender. Microsoft evangelist Chris Pendleton points out a new feature and mentions it has used the service since back when it was called Virtual Earth (the switch only happened this June).

Bing Maps Goes Silverlight: Now with Streetside Immersion, Enhanced Bird's Eye View, Photosynth, and More

Microsoft has just released a new Silverlight version of Bing Maps that is full of new features and upgrades. Although it's hard to say whether this release of Bing Maps has "stolen the cool crown" from Google, the new features do provide some additional value for users. The "beta" release is not yet available by default, though you can preview the latest version at: