Show Off Your Cams with "This is my Cam!"

Something new sprang up in the Flickr App Garden last month: "This is my Cam!" by Chris Martin (the San Francisco-based hacker, not that guy from Coldplay). Inspired by music sharing site This Is My Jam and built during Photo Hack Day 3, "This is my Cam!" uses the Flickr API to catalog the different cameras that were used to capture a particular user's photos.

Best New Mashups: The Latest Flickr Mashups

This week's look at the newest and best mashups will focus on one of the most popular APIs, Flickr. With nearly 600 mashups, Flickr is the fourth most used API in our directory. Each of the mashups below have been added since November and make good use of Flickr.

Should Cloud APIs Focus on Client Libraries More Than Endpoints?

Cloud APIs are all about the endpoints: some services follow the current trend of providing a RESTful end point, others use older protocols such as RPC or SOAP, some use newer - push focused - endpoints like WebSockets or HTTP Streaming, others may offer a number of different endpoints to meet different requirements and some just use what seems to be best for a specific job which might mean not strictly following protocol rules. But is providing an endpoint to a service alone good enough? Should a developer really have to care about how a service is built or accessed when they can use a client library?