Contentful API: Platform-Agnostic Content Distribution Has Arrived

The new Contentful API seeks to disrupt current content management workflows with an API-first approach. The API service uses a presentation agnostic platform to allow content to be distributed across any device or application. Built from the knowledge and experience gained when Contentful founders managed StorageRoom – a platform used by over 1,000 international customers to push content to applications – the new Contentful has taken the lessons learned to create a wholly new content management system.

WP Remote API: Easy Monitoring For Multiple Worpress Sites

WP Remote, a web application that allows users to service and manage a number of Wordpress-powered sites from one place, has provided the WP RemoteAPI that will allow third parties to integrate with the application, providing opportunity for new and innovative developments. Built as a service that would give back to the Wordpress community and enhance the Wordpress experience, WP Remote is currently free to use and developers are encouraged to use it and test it as they will.