YouTube Ups Quota for New Developers, Leaves Microsoft Out In Cold

So long as your name isn’t Microsoft, YouTube wants to make it easier for you to develop apps that integrate YouTube videos. On Friday, YouTube significantly increased the allowable quota for its Data API. The move comes one week after the video service blocked Microsoft from relaunching its Windows Phone YouTube app.
08-27-2013 Aims to Open Entertainment Media with Free API

Wacku has launched a non-profit open API in the broadcast media space: The platform collects video and other media from human and machine-readable sources. In turn, the API updates users when need additions or changes have been made to the library. Currently most of its sources include YouTube videos, Podcasts, Web-TV series, and some movies. The team has invited the major broadcasters and studios to participate in its open project to no avail.

ContexTube, the Music Discovery Mashup We Asked For

In our writeup on Seevl, we mentioned that using the Seevl API to add context to Youtube videos would be ideal. Well, apparently, it was thinking along exactly those same lines. I talked briefly with Alexandre Passant, who is one of the main people at Seevl, and we talked about the company's new mashup, and its future plans for the API.