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13DArmory API 
 2011-06-013DArmory 3DArmory3DArmory updated
58coupons API 
 2012-06-01MapSavings.comMapSavings.com added
 2011-10-128coupons 8coupons8coupons updated
 2011-10-12Judy's BookJudy's Book updated
 2011-04-018coupons 8coupons8coupons updated
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1Allogarage API 
 2010-03-31Allogarage AllogarageAllogarage updated
8ChartLyrics Lyric API 
 2013-02-04Music Cloud for Android & iPhoneMusic Cloud for Android & iPhone updated
 2012-01-19ChartLyrics Lyric ChartLyrics LyricComment for ChartLyrics Lyric
 2011-08-10LyricsSearchFXLyricsSearchFX updated
 2011-07-27Lyricat Lyricat added
 2011-07-09SeekIt.grSeekIt.gr added
 2010-08-28LyricsSearchFXLyricsSearchFX added
 2010-05-04Music Cloud for Android & iPhoneMusic Cloud for Android & iPhone updated
 2010-01-02ChartLyrics Lyric ChartLyrics LyricChartLyrics Lyric added
 2014-01-20MTV MTVMTV updated
 2012-09-22popmoo - for musicpopmoo - for music updated
 2012-05-26MTV Music VideosMTV Music Videos updated
 2012-03-15CleeprCleepr updated
 2012-01-24MTV MTVComment for MTV
 2012-01-10Pick MusicPick Music updated
 2011-10-02Facebook Music with Last.FM and MTVFacebook Music with Last.FM and MTV updated
 2011-08-28BlockPeople MusicBlockPeople Music updated
 2011-08-28KosmixKosmix updated
 2011-08-28Beardscratchers CompendiumBeardscratchers Compendium updated
 2011-08-27FavmvsFavmvs updated
 2011-08-27Simple Music VideosSimple Music Videos updated
 2011-08-01Air VeejayAir Veejay updated
 2011-02-01Rhythm and BluesRhythm and Blues added
 2010-12-20Pick MusicPick Music added
 2010-10-28Audio DiscoAudio Disco updated
 2010-08-11MTV MTVComment for MTV
 2010-07-13Beardscratchers CompendiumBeardscratchers Compendium updated
 2009-04-18MTV MTVMTV updated
4RetailMeNot.com Community Ideas API 
 2013-01-04RetailMeNot.com Community Ideas RetailMeNot.com Community IdeasComment for RetailMeNot.com Community Ideas
 2012-11-14Pizza CouponsPizza Coupons added
 2012-01-04Dog Food CouponsDog Food Coupons updated
 2010-12-08RetailMeNot.com Community Ideas RetailMeNot.com Community IdeasRetailMeNot.com Community Ideas updated
4SeeqPod API 
 2012-10-09HeadupHeadup updated
 2011-09-05QERIOQERIO updated
 2011-08-27FavtapeFavtape updated
 2009-08-04SeeqPod SeeqPodSeeqPod updated
1SubsMax Movie Subtitles API 
 2013-07-17SubsMax Movie Subtitles SubsMax Movie SubtitlesSubsMax Movie Subtitles updated
2TheTVDB.com API 
 2012-04-27HyckeHycke updated
 2010-01-31TheTVDB.com TheTVDB.comTheTVDB.com added
1xkcd API 
 2013-02-04xkcd xkcdxkcd updated
1Yahoo Status API 
 2013-07-18Yahoo Status Yahoo StatusYahoo Status updated
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Online Job Vacancy united states online job vacancy, searc a million job vacancy in united states 
World Movie Search World box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch.  
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