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Web Sitehttp://zoolcar9.lhukie.net/ 
About MeSocial media, technology, open source, Mozilla, LEGO, Star Wars, and anime enthusiast.
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 2009-05-15Blip.fmBlip.fm added
1Flickr Api Explorer 
 2010-03-03Flickr Api ExplorerFlickr Api Explorer added
1Friendfeed on Flex 
 2012-05-20Friendfeed on FlexFriendfeed on Flex updated
 2010-05-28PixelpipeComment for Pixelpipe
 2009-06-27qux.inqux.in added
1Shorten URL 
 2011-09-05Shorten URLShorten URL updated
 2009-03-31SongSeekSongSeek added
 2012-10-09TweeciousTweecious updated
 2011-09-05Twitter2FFTwitter2FF updated
 2008-05-25ZipMyUrlZipMyUrl updated
1AddToAny Menu API 
 2013-06-24AddToAny Menu AddToAny MenuAddToAny Menu updated
2Bit.ly API 
 2014-03-14Twitter Hashtag BlasterTwitter Hashtag Blaster added
 2013-09-17Bit.ly Bit.lyBit.ly updated
1Brightkite API 
 2013-07-03Brightkite BrightkiteBrightkite updated
1Cligs API 
 2013-05-02Cligs CligsCligs updated
-CrunchBase API 
-Dapper API 
1del.icio.us API 
 2013-08-13del.icio.us del.icio.usComment for del.icio.us
-Digg API 
1Evernote API 
 2014-03-17Evernote EvernoteEvernote updated
1Exchange Rate API 
 2013-01-31Exchange Rate Exchange RateComment for Exchange Rate
4Facebook API 
 2014-04-11Remembered.com Remembered.com updated
 2014-03-24CityStridesCityStrides updated
 2014-03-16KPI watchdogKPI watchdog added
 2014-02-11Facebook FacebookFacebook updated
8Flickr API 
 2014-04-04Geo Location AtlasGeo Location Atlas updated
 2014-03-30Must See GreeceMust See Greece added
 2014-03-16AuroraMapComment for AuroraMap
 2014-03-07Weather Web AppWeather Web App added
 2014-02-27AuroraMapAuroraMap updated
 2014-02-26Find Best ThreeComment for Find Best Three
 2014-02-22AuroraMapAuroraMap updated
 2014-02-18Find Best ThreeComment for Find Best Three
-FriendFeed API 
-Friendster API 
-Google Ajax Feeds API 
-Google AJAX Libraries API 
1Google Ajax Search API 
 2013-05-29Google Ajax Search Google Ajax SearchGoogle Ajax Search updated
-Google App Engine API 
-Google Gears API 
-Google Homepage API 
-Google Mashup Editor API 
-Google Notebook API 
-Google Translate API 
-Google URL Shortener API 
-Google Wave API 
-hu.ly API 
-identi.ca API 
-is.gd API 
-Jaiku API 
-Launchpad API 
1Ma.gnolia API 
 2013-08-13Ma.gnolia Ma.gnoliaComment for Ma.gnolia
1nd url API 
 2013-09-21nd url nd urlnd url updated
1Photobucket API 
 2013-11-05Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket updated
1Ping.fm API 
 2013-07-10Ping.fm Ping.fmPing.fm updated
-Plaxo API 
1Posterous API 
 2013-07-25Posterous PosterousPosterous updated
-qr.cx API 
-Qurl API 
1r.im API 
 2013-12-01r.im r.imr.im updated
1Reddit API 
 2013-01-28Reddit RedditReddit updated
-SeeqPod API 
-Shrten API 
1Simpy API 
 2013-08-13Simpy SimpyComment for Simpy
-Snipplr API 
-Snipt API 
-Song.ly API 
-Tarpipe API 
1Technorati API 
 2013-08-13Technorati TechnoratiComment for Technorati
-Thumbalizr API 
-TimesURL API 
-Tinylink API 
-Tinysong API 
-tr.im API 
-Tumblr API 
-Tweetburner API 
7Twitter API 
 2014-04-02ToastBankComment for ToastBank
 2014-03-27 Social page authority checker Social page authority checker added
 2014-03-08Tvitre.noComment for Tvitre.no
 2014-03-02conTEXTconTEXT added
 2014-02-18LazyTweetLazyTweet updated
 2014-02-18Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tvComment for Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tv
 2013-09-26Twitter TwitterTwitter updated
-Twivatar API 
-twt.fm API 
-UrlAl API 
-urlBorg API 
1Vimeo API 
 2014-03-04Vimeo VimeoVimeo updated
-Wakoopa API 
-WebThumb API 
-Widgetbox API 
1Wikipedia API 
 2014-01-21Wikipedia WikipediaComment for Wikipedia
-Windows Sidebar Gadgets API 
-Wolfram Alpha API 
1Yahoo BOSS API 
 2013-09-17Yahoo BOSS Yahoo BOSSYahoo BOSS updated
-Yahoo Mail Applications API 
-Yahoo Query Language API 
-Yahoo Site Explorer API 
3YouTube API 
 2014-03-18100 Most Powerful CelebritiesComment for 100 Most Powerful Celebrities
 2014-02-21Music UpdatedMusic Updated updated
 2014-02-11YouTube YouTubeYouTube updated
-Zooomr API 
46Tag: url-shortener 
 2014-02-21CloudSide CloudSideCloudSide updated
 2014-02-14EXLX EXLXEXLX updated
 2014-01-25itty bitty URL itty bitty URLitty bitty URL updated
 2014-01-24Readability rdd.me Readability rdd.meReadability rdd.me updated
 2014-01-06try.li try.litry.li added
 2013-11-16BudURL BudURLBudURL updated
 2013-10-01Strim StrimStrim added
 2013-09-25glurl.co glurl.coglurl.co added
 2013-09-21nd url nd urlnd url updated
 2013-09-17Bit.ly Bit.lyBit.ly updated
 2013-09-10tny.im tny.imtny.im added
 2013-09-07Su.pr Su.prSu.pr updated
 2013-08-21CloudSide CloudSideCloudSide added
 2013-08-21Ur.ly Ur.lyUr.ly added
 2013-08-13Fanggle QRazor Fanggle QRazorComment for Fanggle QRazor
 2013-08-06Ttb.li Ttb.liTtb.li updated
 2013-07-29Su.pr Su.prSu.pr updated
 2013-07-16Readability rdd.me Readability rdd.meReadability rdd.me updated
 2013-07-11Su.pr Su.prSu.pr updated
 2013-07-09su2.be su2.besu2.be added
 2013-07-02drngd drngddrngd added
 2013-06-10Btc.to Btc.toBtc.to added
 2013-05-30CM23 CM23CM23 added
 2013-05-21Linkbee.com Linkbee.comLinkbee.com updated
 2013-05-21L9 L9L9 updated
 2013-05-14itty bitty URL itty bitty URLitty bitty URL added
 2013-04-16Unshorten.It Unshorten.ItUnshorten.It added
 2013-03-16Broken Storm Short URL Broken Storm Short URLBroken Storm Short URL updated
 2013-01-18Bit.ly Social Data Bit.ly Social DataBit.ly Social Data added
 2013-01-18Bit.ly Bit.lyBit.ly updated
 2013-01-08X.nu X.nuX.nu updated
 2013-01-08Shr.Im Shr.ImShr.Im updated
 2012-12-28Mgnet.me shortener Mgnet.me shortenerMgnet.me shortener updated
 2012-10-29Proofeditors.com Proofeditors.comProofeditors.com added
 2012-03-09Tweet 'a' TuneTweet 'a' Tune updated
 2012-02-25ShortyShorty updated
 2012-01-10Create Tiny URLs using VBACreate Tiny URLs using VBA updated
 2011-10-21Money URL ShortenerMoney URL Shortener added
 2011-09-05Shorten URLShorten URL updated
 2010-07-19Tweet 'a' TuneTweet 'a' Tune added
 2010-03-28Shorten URLShorten URL updated
 2010-01-05Short and tweetShort and tweet added
 2010-01-05Safe.mnSafe.mn added
 2009-06-27qux.inqux.in added
 2009-06-19Shorten URLShorten URL updated
3Search: snipplr 
 2009-06-18Snipplr SnipplrSnipplr updated
 2009-02-27Snipplr SnipplrSnipplr added
 2007-12-30Snipplr SnipplrSnipplr updated
Registered Mashups
Shorten URL Shorten long URLs from a Firefox context menu with your selected URL shortening service and display the result in a location bar. 
APIs Used
Bit.ly Cligs Google URL Shortener is.gd nd url qr.cx Qurl r.im Shrten Song.ly TimesURL tr.im urlBorg
Tags Used
utilities tools url-shortener firefox extension

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