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Real NameAdam DuVander
LocationPortland, OR
CountryUnited States of America
Web Sitehttp://adamduvander.com 
About MeHi! I'm Developer Communications Director for SendGrid and former Executive Editor of ProgrammableWeb. I currently serve as a Contributing Editor. If you have API news, or are interested in writing for ProgrammableWeb, please contact editor@programmableweb.com Though I'm a fan of anything API-related, my particular interest is in mapping. I've published a how-to book, Map Scripting 101, to get anyone started making maps on websites. In a not-so-distant past life I wrote for Wired and Webmonkey.
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Registered Mashups
unrut Start discovering new places and unrut yourself! Search, tell us where you've been, and track places you want to go. 
WifiPDX Since 2004, WifiPDX has been Portland's wireless Internet connection. The new version of the site has updated maps and geolocation options. 
APIs Used
Google Geocoding Google Maps Mapstraction Yelp
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social fun mapping local oregon
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