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1Certain API 
 2012-10-10Certain CertainCertain updated
-Community Megaphone API 
1Cyc API 
 2013-03-16Cyc CycCyc updated
1Diffbot Article API 
 2013-07-05Diffbot Article Diffbot ArticleDiffbot Article updated
-DuoShare Address Verification API 
1Extraterrestrial Embassy API 
 2012-09-09Extraterrestrial Embassy Extraterrestrial EmbassyExtraterrestrial Embassy updated
-Festivalslab API 
-FindMeSpecials API 
-FiveFilters.org API 
3GigJunkie API 
 2012-11-06BassiclyBassicly updated
 2012-06-25GigJunkie GigJunkieGigJunkie updated
 2011-01-20BassiclyBassicly added
-Googe Refine ReconciliationService API 
-LittleSis API 
1Localmind API 
 2013-08-07Localmind LocalmindLocalmind updated
1Marine/Surfing Weather API 
 2013-10-25Marine/Surfing Weather Marine/Surfing WeatherMarine/Surfing Weather updated
1MasterCard ATM Locations API 
 2012-09-11MasterCard ATM Locations MasterCard ATM LocationsMasterCard ATM Locations updated
1Message Radius API 
 2012-11-02Message Radius Message RadiusMessage Radius updated
-MessageMost API 
1Microsoft SensorMap DataHub API 
 2012-05-08Microsoft SensorMap DataHub Microsoft SensorMap DataHubMicrosoft SensorMap DataHub added
-Minube API 
1MyUpcoming API 
 2012-10-26MyUpcoming MyUpcomingMyUpcoming updated
1NewAer API 
 2013-03-19NewAer NewAerNewAer updated
1OpenDover API 
 2013-07-05OpenDover OpenDoverOpenDover updated
1OpenMenu API 
 2012-11-21OpenMenu OpenMenuOpenMenu updated
24OpenStreetMap API 
 2014-04-07OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMapOpenStreetMap updated
 2014-03-24CityStridesCityStrides updated
 2014-02-18playmap.jpComment for playmap.jp
 2014-02-18Place My PastComment for Place My Past
 2013-07-28CityStridesCityStrides updated
 2013-06-17CoinMapCoinMap updated
 2013-02-11Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The WorldVaguely Rude Place Names Of The World added
 2012-12-16PageflakesComment for Pageflakes
 2012-11-08Maps of AllMaps of All added
 2012-11-01PageflakesPageflakes updated
 2012-05-31Maps Shown To MeMaps Shown To Me updated
 2012-05-31MappyfriendsMappyfriends updated
 2012-04-11AntennaAntenna updated
 2012-04-04Sinsai Japan Earthquake ResourcesSinsai Japan Earthquake Resources updated
 2011-11-10Maps Shown To MeMaps Shown To Me updated
 2011-09-05RunningFreeRunningFree updated
 2011-08-29WeGoooWeGooo updated
 2011-08-29RunningFreeRunningFree updated
 2011-08-29WeGoooWeGooo updated
 2011-08-27Where Can I Live?Where Can I Live? updated
 2011-08-27AntennaAntenna updated
 2011-08-27RunningFreeRunningFree updated
 2011-08-27WeGoooWeGooo updated
 2011-03-07Lobbyist Activity TrackerLobbyist Activity Tracker updated
-OpenStreetMap Name Finder API 
-Roistr API 
1SalsaDev API 
 2012-11-02SalsaDev SalsaDevSalsaDev updated
3Sensebot API 
 2013-01-24LinkSensorLinkSensor updated
 2012-09-01Sensebot SensebotSensebot updated
 2010-12-03LinkSensorLinkSensor updated
1Unitag API 
 2014-01-26Unitag UnitagUnitag updated
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