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About MeGuest bloggers help bring their expertise to the ProgrammableWeb readership. See some of the latest topics below. If you have a topic you're interested in covering, be sure to contact editor@programmableweb.com.
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News Posts
Decentralizing the Internet, One WebRTC API at a Time03/19/2014
SXSW API Roundup: Devices, Data and Developers03/13/2014
Netflix: How 'Separation of Concerns' Can Benefit Your API Design03/04/2014
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Google, Nest and the $3.2 Billion API01/17/2014
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APIs: Are We Really Prepared for What They Enable?11/21/2013
Twitter Engagement, Part 4: Engaging Meaningfully and Efficiently11/21/2013
Twitter Engagement Part 3: Identifying Influencers and Leads for Engagement11/20/2013
Twitter Engagement Part 2: Collecting Tweets and Users11/19/2013
Twitter Engagement Part 1: Moving Beyond Bulk Following11/18/2013
5 Reasons Your API Is Still Private11/18/2013
4 Reasons To Ditch Apache Struts and Embrace JavaScript11/08/2013
How to Create a Web Application that Visualizes Twitter Updates Over Time11/07/2013
Writing API Documentation in an Agile Environment11/06/2013
OAuth Protects Users in Compromise of Social Site Buffer11/06/2013
How APIs Fuel Innovation10/21/2013
API Design is Stuck in 200810/07/2013
When SDKs Are Better Than APIs10/04/2013
Quantified Humanity10/04/2013
Web Services Can't Solve Every Problem - The Need For a More Human Touch09/23/2013
Ship to API: The America’s Cup Navigates in a Sea of Data09/19/2013
Encouraging API Adoption: Q & A With Ronan Quirke From Xero09/13/2013
The Safari Performance Blind Spot08/20/2013
Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid the Honeypot08/19/2013
What the Avocado API Can Teach Developers About Scalability and Innovation08/19/2013
Pedalling the Connection: Data, Devices and APIs in Le Tour de France08/07/2013
The Importance of Impermanence in API Design08/06/2013
Creating Videos that Show How to Use an API08/05/2013
Don't Waste Developers' Time With Your API Program07/28/2013
Top 7 Reasons Why SOAP and REST Interfaces Are Littered With Vulnerabilities07/24/2013
Five Ways to Make Your Hackathon Stand Out06/27/2013
Big Data – Big Help or Big Risk?06/27/2013
MMS APIs are Unlocking the Mobile Future06/16/2013
APIs: The Great Enabler of the Internet of Things 06/11/2013
API Developer Outreach Checklist06/11/2013
How To Choose an API That Works For You06/06/2013
APIs as Glue: Making it Stick05/29/2013
The Truecaller API: Phone Directory via Crowd-source05/21/2013
Big Data, IoT, API ... Newer technologies protected by older security.05/17/2013
Platform success strategies: Communicate the value of your API04/24/2013
Google's Closed Shopping API Opens Opportunity for YC-backed Semantics304/17/2013
Nordic APIs: The Business and Technology of APIs04/16/2013
Every Cloud Service Needs an API Product Manager04/16/2013
A Recap of The first Nordic APIs Event03/28/2013
Explaining How Your API Uses OAuth03/26/2013
An In-Depth Tour of the eBay API03/25/2013
Is the CMO now the Chief API Officer?03/11/2013
The Argument for Real-Time REST APIs03/04/2013
Governance vs Innovation: Do They Have to be Enemies?02/26/2013
Platform success strategies: Promote apps that are built with your API02/18/2013
Encouraging API Adoption: Q & A With Blair Beckwith From Shopify02/14/2013
Nobel Prize Gets Official API01/29/2013
Comparing Open and Enterprise APIs01/23/2013
Estimating the Number of Non-Public APIs01/15/2013
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