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 2014-03-30Must See GreeceMust See Greece added
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 2012-10-19dbrecdbrec updated
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 2012-04-30Television Show SettingsTelevision Show Settings added
 2012-04-11Wikipedia Category ExplorerWikipedia Category Explorer updated
 2012-04-02OokabooOokaboo updated
 2012-03-15CleeprCleepr updated
 2012-02-06RDFaCERDFaCE updated
 2012-01-25La Liga Fútbol EspañolLa Liga Fútbol Español updated
 2011-05-03DBpedia DBpediaDBpedia updated
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 2011-06-15Deepdyve DeepdyveDeepdyve updated
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 2011-11-02Dipity DipityDipity updated
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 2012-05-11BookBargainBookBargain updated
 2012-04-04Direct Textbook Direct TextbookDirect Textbook updated
1FUTEF Wikipedia API API 
 2011-11-02FUTEF Wikipedia API FUTEF Wikipedia APIFUTEF Wikipedia API updated
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 2013-04-15EwelikeComment for Ewelike
 2011-05-17Goodreads GoodreadsGoodreads updated
2Google Book Search Book Viewability API 
 2013-04-11Free eBooks SearchFree eBooks Search updated
 2012-04-19Google Book Search Book Viewability Google Book Search Book ViewabilityGoogle Book Search Book Viewability updated
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 2013-05-02TagbulbComment for Tagbulb
 2012-05-20ReadWhaleReadWhale updated
 2012-04-19Google Books Google BooksGoogle Books updated
 2012-01-30iKuExploreriKuExplorer updated
 2011-05-10Google Books Google BooksGoogle Books updated
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 2013-06-21PhotohabPhotohab updated
 2012-10-19ShownToME MusicShownToME Music updated
 2012-05-31Maps Shown To MeMaps Shown To Me updated
 2012-05-21Real Estate SearchReal Estate Search updated
 2012-03-03Google OpenID Google OpenIDGoogle OpenID updated
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 2012-04-14Google Research Search Google Research SearchGoogle Research Search updated
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 2013-10-28Internet Archive Internet ArchiveInternet Archive updated
 2013-07-09ISBN db ISBN dbISBN db updated
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 2011-11-22LexisNexis Academic LexisNexis AcademicLexisNexis Academic updated
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1Library of Congress Subject Headings API 
 2011-09-09Library of Congress Subject Headings Library of Congress Subject HeadingsLibrary of Congress Subject Headings updated
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 2012-01-10OpenDOAR OpenDOAROpenDOAR updated
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 2012-05-24OReilly Safari OReilly SafariOReilly Safari updated
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 2013-08-14PBwiki PBwikiPBwiki updated
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 2012-05-22Random House Random HouseRandom House updated
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 2014-01-25Scopus ScopusScopus updated
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 2011-11-22WikiMatrix WikiMatrixWikiMatrix updated
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