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Real NameMatthew Casperson
Web Sitehttp://www.brighthub.com/hubfolio/matthew-casperson/blog/archive/2009/08/23/tutorial-index.aspx 
About MeMatthew is a freelance writer, focusing on web and multimedia technologies. His work can be found featured on Programmable Web, Brighthub, Hubfolio, Chrome Experiments, Informit, Flash Tuts Plus and The Tech Labs.
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News Posts
British Library Maps Crowdsourced Sounds09/09/2010
Bed Bug Mashup Lets You Find a Good Night's Sleep09/08/2010
Twitter API Changes Causing Some User Headaches09/02/2010
Trace the Dollars Behind the Story with Poligraft08/26/2010
Email Yak Offers Web Based Email API08/19/2010
Buy and Sell Data with Data Marketplace06/21/2010
Internet Archive Releases Amazon S3 Like API05/09/2010
OpenStreetMap Gets Unprecedented Level of Detail via Collaborative Editing05/06/2010
Transcode Video Online Using the Zencoder API05/06/2010
Face.com Opens Free Facial Recognition API05/04/2010
Has Adoption of the Twitter API as a Standard Stalled?05/03/2010
Human Translation, Now Available via an API04/28/2010
Twitter OAuthcalypse Coming Soon04/28/2010
Yahoo to Developers: YQL Will Soon Be The Gateway to All Yahoo Data Services04/22/2010
Wordnik: Mashup the Dictionary, Win Money04/22/2010
Google Cloud Print: The Future of Printing?04/19/2010
Bit.ly Improves Their Popular URL Shortening API04/06/2010
Yahoo Removes All Access Restrictions to the Yahoo Email API04/05/2010
Google's Gmail is Now an App Platform 03/31/2010
Bing Maps Says Go Ahead, Broadcast Your Mashup on TV03/31/2010
HP Opens Snapfish Photo API, Gives Developers Access to 85 Million Members03/30/2010
New my6sense API Gives You "hyper personalized" Streams03/29/2010
Want to Buy a Slightly Used API? 03/28/2010
SEOmoz Doubles the Volume of Their Free SEO API03/26/2010
Google APIs Get Faster Thanks to Smart Optimizations03/25/2010
Flickr Users: Now Track Your Photo's Pageviews via Flickr's New Stats API03/23/2010
Twitter to Introduce Versioning to Their API03/21/2010
7 Ways to Beat the Glut of Cloud APIs03/17/2010
What Downturn? Amazon Web Services Has Over 100 Job Openings03/11/2010
Improve Your Web Site's SEO With SEOmoz's Free API03/10/2010
US Army Launches "Apps for Army" Contest, Offers $30,000 in Prizes03/08/2010
Is Your Flight Going to be Late? Get a Prediction From the New FlightCaster API03/07/2010
Google Buys Another API With Picnik Acquisition03/02/2010
Twitter Turns on the Firehose for Companies of All Sizes03/02/2010
AOL Integrates With Facebook, While Facebook Comes Up Short With Their Move to XMPP02/23/2010
Microsoft Outlook is Now a Mashup: Uses APIs From LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace02/18/2010
5 Online IDEs That Let You Code in the Cloud02/17/2010
Google Buzz Now Available via Yahoo's YQL02/16/2010
Digg's Read-Write API02/15/2010
YouTube Updates API and Introduces New JSON-C Format02/15/2010
Flickr API Tips From an Expert02/14/2010
Gowalla Releases API for Location Based Social Networking Apps02/10/2010
Google Wastes No Time in Launching Google Buzz API02/09/2010
Stack Overflow API Coming Soon: What Do You Want it to Do?02/09/2010
Get 60,000 Concert Setlists with the Setlist.fm API02/07/2010
48 Hours, 31 Hacks - Stockholm Music Hack Day02/02/2010
Microsoft's Translator and API Now Support Haitian Relief Efforts by Translating Creole02/02/2010
Flickr API Now Gets You "People in Photos" 01/27/2010
Developers Can Make Money via OneRiot's New RiotWize Real-time Ad Network01/25/2010
The Guardian Launches World Government Data Site01/21/2010
Google People Finder Connecting People Affected by the Haitian Earthquake 01/20/2010
UK Government Launches Open Data Site: data.gov.uk01/20/2010
Napster Opens API: Puts Music on Your TV, iPhone and Web Site01/06/2010
How to Avoid "API Slamming" and the "API Treadmill" 01/05/2010
How Green is Your Supply Chain? Sourcemap has an Answer12/28/2009
WordPress Creates a Twitter Compatible API12/15/2009
Show Off Your Neighborhood for a Chance to Win $350012/10/2009
New York Times Releases 5,000 Tags to the Linked Data Cloud12/07/2009
MIT Team Spots 10 Red Balloons in 9 Hours, Wins $40K in DARPA Network Challenge12/06/2009
Microsoft Releases SDK for Facebook12/03/2009
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