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Real NameVirender Ajmani
LocationPlymouth, MI
CountryUnited States of America
Web Sitehttp://www.virenderajmani.com 
About Mehttp://www.mibazaar.com/aboutme.html
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Registered Mashups
10 Fascinating Googlers Fortune Magazine list of 10 Fascinating Googlers plotted on a Google Map. 
100 Most Powerful Celebrities Map of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities. Pop-up windows for each includes related YouTube videos. 
2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Relay Path See the path for the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch. 
25 Best Companies to Work For Map of the 100 best US companies to work for as rated by Fortune Magazine 
25 Unsafest US Cities A look at the 25 most unsafe cities in America. 
ACT Scores by US State Google Mapping ACT Scores by state in math, reading, science, and English categories.  
American Idol Top 11 contestants Plots the hometowns of the top American Idol contestants. 
Analyzing Air Traffic on Google Maps 5 planes taking off one after the other from the same runway in Atlanta. Click on the numbered markers to see the sequence. Not sure if they are same or different. 
Andrew Speaker Trip Across Atlantic Google map of TB patient Andrew Speaker's journey across the Atlantic. 
Barack Obama White House Journey A Fly by tour in Google Earth of the Barack Obama journey from his birthplace in Honolulu, Hawaii to White House. With YouTube Videos of some of the stops. 
Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment Best American hospitals for Cancer Treatment as mentioned in US News. 
Best Sports Bars in America Best sports bars in the US as ranked by Forbes Magazine. Watch the Superbowl or any event in style. 
Binge Drinking in America Google Maps Mashup of Binge Drinking in America with data from United Health Foundation. 
BP Gulf Oil Spill - View in Google Earth The BP Gulf oil spill - via an underwater view in Google Earth (approximate location). 
Business of Baseball on Google Maps Google Maps Mashup of Forbes data on the Most valuable teams in MLB. Also includes Yahoo Sports MLB RSS feeds. 
CBS News Top Stories Google Maps and KML news feed. 
Classifieds on a Map Classifieds listings via Windows Live Expo for your zip code on Google Maps with Geocoding provided by Yahoo. 
Climate Change 2030 Architecture 2030 study of climate induced sea level rise on coastal cities in United States. See side by side images of what will happen. 
College Football Bowl Schedule Google Maps Mashup of NCAA college football Bowl games schedule. 
Crime Near You iPhone App which shows top crime cities (US Only) around your current location in various categories (Murder/Auto Theft/Burgalary/Property Theft/Violent Crime) - Data is sourced from FBI 
Detroit Tigers Map Google Maps mashup of the Detroit Tigers players and where they are from. Popups include photos and links to detailed stats. 
Drunkest Cities in America See the Forbes Magazine list of the Drunkest Cities in America mapped. 
Egypt Protest Tweets Mapped This Google Maps Mashup animates thru latest tweets tagged with #egypt (related to Egypt Protests) 
Fastest Growing US States Map of the tastest growing American states as being reported by Fortune magazine. 
Female Coalition Casualties of Iraq War Map of the home towns of US female casualties of the Iraq War. 
Forbes List of Expensive Preschools Think College is expensive then check out these preschools where tuition starts at 30,000 dollars US. 
Ford Fiesta Movement Mapped Ford recruited 100 "Agents" to test drive their Ford Fiesta. These agents will spend 6 months with their own Fiesta, lifestreaming their experiences on YouTube/Twitter. This mashup maps out their tweets. So are they really doing their job? 
From Refugee Camps to Princeton U Google map of the journey of Abass Hassans from Somalia Refugee Camps in Kenya to Princeton University. 
Google Finance on Google Maps Get the latest Stock Quotes on Google Maps. 
Google Hot Trends + Twitter + Google Maps Google Maps Mashup of Twitter Searches which contain keyword from Google Hot Trends. 
Google Trends Mapped Shows on a Google Map the top 10 cities from Google Trends for a given keyword search. Includes 100 top keywords within the hour. 
Google Trends Vision India Google Hot Trends for India shown live on Google Maps. 
Gulf Oil Spill - Latest YouTube Videos A map mashup showing the latest videos of the BP gulf oil spill. Track and see the news as it develops. 
Gulf Oil Spill Tweets from SE United States A map mashup showing the latest tweets of the BP gulf oil spill from SE United States. 
Highest Paid College Presidents Highest paid US college presidents as reported by CNN Money. 
Hurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube Videos See in realtime the Twitter chatter about Hurricane Ike and the videos posted on YouTube. 
In Memoriam Virginia Tech A memorial mashup for the victims of Virginia Tech. 
Indian Matrimony Maps Indian bride and groom data from around the World and selected cities in India, via bharatmatrimony.com RSS feeds. 
Iran Election Protest Tweet Map Iran Election Protest Tweets from Middle East, Europe, Eastern and Western United States 
Iran Election Protests - YouTube Videos Videos from Iran after election day. Includes videos of Riots in Tehran shown on maps where they occurred.  
Joe Biden's Journey  Map that traces the life of US Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden.  
John McCain Mapped Google map of the journey of John McCain from his birth place in Panama Canal Zone to possibly the White House. 
Latest Michael Jackson Tweets Track tweets about Michael Jackson from Western and Eastern United States, Europe,India, Australia. 
Life of Barack Obama on Maps Journey of Barack Obama from his birth place in Honolulu, Hawaii, to possibly the White House. 
Local News by Zip Code Get local news for your zip code with this mashup of Google Maps + Yahoo Geocoding + Google News RSS Feeds. 
Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt Protests This Google Maps Mashup maps out the latest GeoTagged YouTube videos which are tagged with "Egypt Protests". 
Mapping your Twitter Status Mapping your twitter location. You can embed it in your blog or website with following code (replace id at the end of the url with your twitter id) iframe code available at http://www.mibazaar.com/2009/08/twitter-status-map-updated.html 
Math and Reading Tests Map See which states have the biggest differences between students passing their state tests versus the national tests in math and reading. Uses data reported in Time magazine. 
Michael Jackson Biographical Map Trace Michael Jackson's life journey from Gary, Indiana. 
Missing Children Map Find missing children with this Google Map combined with data from MissingKids.com. 
Most Expensive US Colleges CNN Money list of the top 10 most expensive colleges in the United States. Not necessarily the ones you would expect. 
Most Trusted Celebrities Forbes list of the most Trusted Celebrieties in American. Mapped with links to Google Videos. 
New 7 Wonders of the World New 7 Wonders of the world mapped on Google Maps along with YouTube video for each of the 7 wonder. 
One Hit Wonders on Google Maps One Hit Wonders from Forbes, Wikipedia and American Idol are mapped. Also includes videos from YouTube for many entries. 
One Trick Towns of America Map of Inc. magazine list of American One Trick Towns. Includes Punxsutawney for Ground Hog Day, the North Pole, Gilroy Garlic Festival, the Most Haunted Town, Paris Texas, and others. 
Paczki Day Map Google Maps Mashup of donut locations in your neighborhood. Then maps weight loss for later. 
Political Turkeys of the Year A look at Political Turkeys as reported by CNN. 
Recent News by Country Map Map of recent and archival news by country via New York Times RSS feeds and human rghts news by country via hrw.org feeds. Map also includes CIA Factbook data and Flickr images. 
Recent Worldwide School Shootings Recent school shootings mapped. Compiled from infoplease.com 
Steve Jobs Journey on Google Maps Steve Jobs Journey Mapped out on Google Maps 
Thanksgiving Day Facts on Maps Google Maps holiday trivia map showing cities and towns in USA: named Turkey, or that claim to be the turkey capital of the US or world, or are named Plymouth, or are named Cranberry. 
Top 10 African Americans in Hollywood Black Enterprise magazine listing of Top 10 Most Powerful Blacks in Hollywood, mapped by place of birth with biographical info and videos. 
Top 10 Paid Women Map of the Top 10 paid women as reported by Fortune Magazine. 
Top 25 Crimes of the Century The top 25 crimes as reported by Time magazine are plotted on a map with useful information and photos about each. 
Top 99 Women on Google Maps Top 99 Women as voted by readers and staff of Askmen Magazine. 
Top US High Schools Map of the top high schools in the United States as reported in Newsweek. May 8th 2006 issue. 
Twitters on Google Maps Locations of most recent posters to the Twitter social networking site 
Unemployed in America Google Maps + Twitter view of Unemployed in America. Tweets split into Eastern/Western United States. 
Upcoming MSDN Events Mapped See upcoming events from the Microsoft Developer Network, MSDN, on this Google Map. 
US Presidential Birthplaces For history buffs and school kids, a mashup showing where presidents/first ladies were born. From George Washington through George Bush. 
US Taxpayer Contribution to Iraq War Mashup that combines data from the Nation Priorities Project and Google Maps to show how many billions taxpayers in each US state are paying. And where that money might otherwise be spent. 
US Top Business Schools Map Top Business Schools in US as reported in US News and World Report: GMAT Score, Avg Tuition, Avg Salary. 
US Towns with Holiday Season Names Google Maps Mashup of US Towns and Cities named with Christmas or Holiday Season Names 
USA Recovery Act - Recipients of Stimulus Dollars See the recipients of Stimulus Dollars in your state. Replace the 2 letter state code at the end of the URL with your state code. 
Valentines Day Map Google Maps Mashup showing Victorias Secrets, Lovers Lane, Florists, Movie Theaters, Movie Showtimes in your zip code. US Locations Only. 
Weather Forecasts for 100 Hot Cities A mashup of 100 cities and their weather forecasts from weatherunderground.com. The 100 cities listed are the cities where history shows you are most likely to sweat while there. 
Whitney Houston's Journey Mapped This Google Maps Mashup maps out Whitney Houston's journey from her birthplace (Newark, New Jersey) to Beverley Hills where she died. (click on the arrows at lower left to go into manual mode) 
World Cup News Map A map mashup which shows locations of 32 participating countries along with Team News (via Google News) and Team Blogs (via WorldCupBlog.org) 
World Cup Soccer - Latest GeoTagged YouTube Videos A Google Maps mashup of latest GeoTagged YouTube videos tagged with keywords World Cup Soccer and with a category of News or Sports. The Information window for each YouTube video lists location along with address and description of the video. 
World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues A map mashup of World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues along with a StreetView look at the venues. 
World Cup Soccer Tweets  A map mashup showing the latest tweets related to World Cup Soccer 2010, from around the world. 
YouTube Vision See who is uploading what and from where on YouTube. 
APIs Used
Google Earth Google Fusion Tables Google Maps Microsoft MSDN Twitter Twittervision Windows Live Expo Yahoo Geocoding Yahoo Local Search YouTube
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Now am pleased to announce that I am a "Google Qualified Developer" (Google Maps API) - http://code.google.com/qualify/directory.html

About Me: http://www.mibazaar.com/aboutme.html

I started creating Google Maps Mashups right after Hurricane Katrina. I had created a site (no longer exists) showing where the businesses were opening up after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. From there I got this idea of doing something for the Community using Google Maps. So that's how mibazaar.com started.

I have a day job which requires a completely different skill set. MIBAZAAR is after work hours and weekend effort.

Virender Ajmani
mibazaar at gmail dot com


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