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5Amplify API 
 2012-09-04Amplify AmplifyAmplify updated
 2010-03-08Comparing NLP APIs for Entity ExtractionComparing NLP APIs for Entity Extraction added
 2009-06-24Amplified DocumentsAmplified Documents added
 2009-06-01TweetyPantsTweetyPants added
 2009-05-08Amplify AmplifyAmplify added
 2012-04-10AVIN AVINAVIN updated
1Avvo API 
 2011-02-03Avvo AvvoAvvo updated
1BigOven Recipe API 
 2011-11-22BigOven Recipe BigOven RecipeBigOven Recipe updated
34Lyricsfly API 
 2013-10-06MvBananaMvBanana updated
 2012-09-08Majimob MajiPlayerMajimob MajiPlayer updated
 2012-04-10Learn English online with songsComment for Learn English online with songs
 2012-01-10Sing And StudySing And Study updated
 2011-10-07Lyricsfly LyricsflyComment for Lyricsfly
 2011-09-05Veronica SearchVeronica Search updated
 2011-09-05Majimob MajiPlayerMajimob MajiPlayer updated
 2011-08-27EZ LyricsEZ Lyrics updated
 2011-08-27Go Music Video Go Music Video updated
 2011-08-27atunesatunes updated
 2011-07-27Lyricat Lyricat added
 2010-09-15Lyricsfly LyricsflyComment for Lyricsfly
 2010-06-04SongDNAComment for SongDNA
 2010-05-05Learn English online with songsLearn English online with songs added
 2010-05-01Sing And StudySing And Study added
 2010-03-30MobblerMobbler added
 2010-03-22SongDNASongDNA updated
 2010-03-03MobblerMobbler added
 2010-03-03SongDNASongDNA added
 2010-03-03MobblerMobbler added
 2010-03-03SongDNASongDNA added
 2009-10-30ComprendoComprendo added
 2009-10-23Veronica SearchVeronica Search updated
 2009-09-21SongLyricsBookSongLyricsBook updated
 2009-08-18atunesatunes added
 2009-08-16Majimob MajiPlayerMajimob MajiPlayer updated
 2009-08-10Go Music Video Go Music Video added
 2009-08-10Whoosh StreamWhoosh Stream added
 2009-08-02ScreenTunesScreenTunes added
 2009-05-25Estonian Music DatabaseEstonian Music Database added
 2009-03-30EZ LyricsEZ Lyrics added
 2009-03-30Lyricsfly LyricsflyLyricsfly updated
 2009-03-17Veronica SearchVeronica Search added
 2008-09-20digiPoemdigiPoem updated
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