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1Mapified Stock Indices 
 2008-11-07Mapified Stock IndicesMapified Stock Indices updated
8Calais API 
 2012-09-07Calais CalaisCalais updated
 2012-02-06RDFaCERDFaCE updated
 2011-11-23Digital NZ GeoparserDigital NZ Geoparser updated
 2011-11-11Poke The HabitPoke The Habit updated
 2011-08-27Transmission NewsTransmission News updated
 2011-08-15AskJotAskJot updated
 2011-08-01Feedzz Feedzz updated
 2010-05-09Calais CalaisCalais updated
5Dapper API 
 2012-05-16Dapper DapperDapper updated
 2011-10-02SnagSnag updated
 2011-10-02Blotter Dapp ServiceBlotter Dapp Service updated
 2011-10-02Magg Movie AggregatorMagg Movie Aggregator updated
 2009-03-31Dapper DapperDapper updated
6Daylife API 
 2013-07-15Daylife DaylifeDaylife updated
 2012-09-13HealthHelpZone.comHealthHelpZone.com added
 2011-09-05NewsLineNewsLine updated
 2011-08-29Daylife DaylifeDaylife updated
 2011-08-28News served Del.icio.uslyNews served Del.icio.usly updated
 2009-03-27Daylife DaylifeDaylife updated
29Freebase API 
 2014-02-18Place My PastComment for Place My Past
 2013-08-13Freebase FreebaseComment for Freebase
 2012-10-09The Web IntersectThe Web Intersect updated
 2012-10-09HeadupHeadup updated
 2012-09-25AutorifiAutorifi updated
 2012-09-25City GuideCity Guide updated
 2012-08-24RichseamRichseam updated
 2012-06-02Genealogy of Influence viewerComment for Genealogy of Influence viewer
 2012-06-02TravelOxi.comComment for TravelOxi.com
 2012-05-31FairSpinFairSpin updated
 2012-05-31WigglebackWiggleback updated
 2012-04-21FairSpinFairSpin updated
 2012-04-04MetaJamMetaJam updated
 2012-04-04SuperMeepleSuperMeeple updated
 2012-04-04FairSpinFairSpin updated
 2012-04-04Freebase ParallaxFreebase Parallax updated
 2012-04-02OokabooOokaboo updated
 2012-04-02Musical Taste GeolocationMusical Taste Geolocation updated
 2012-03-15CleeprCleepr updated
 2012-03-10Freebase FreebaseFreebase updated
 2011-12-13Mob MojoMob Mojo added
 2011-12-02LastGGMLastGGM updated
 2011-09-18Last on AM/FMLast on AM/FM updated
 2011-09-17Freebase FreebaseFreebase updated
 2011-09-05InstantPlexInstantPlex updated
 2011-09-05Last on AM/FMLast on AM/FM updated
 2011-08-25InstantPlexInstantPlex updated
 2011-08-03The Web IntersectThe Web Intersect added
 2011-05-17Freebase FreebaseFreebase updated
1Inkling API 
 2013-06-25Inkling InklingInkling updated
1kaChing API 
 2011-11-22kaChing kaChingkaChing updated
1Quoqu API 
 2011-11-20Quoqu QuoquQuoqu updated
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