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Web Sitewww.thursdayclub.com 
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Cool Bars, Restaurants and Clubs Google map and bars, lounges, restaurants and clubs etc. Links to reviews. Venues have map with nearby venues. Site also has a Mapchat mashup mixing maps and chat and a Twitter mashup in the members section, showing your status and pic in your profile. 
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9/5 Having added maps to site a little while back, that opened up a better option for people adding their own venues (something not previously available). Was kind of .. interesting .. figuring out how to dynamically geocode address that we had little control over the format and then allow people to drag the map around if the location was wrong (actually, the dragging is done for us, it's more about then grabbing the lat/lng and getting that into the venue details).

Anyway, seemed to work out ok. Still a pain with Chinese addresses - and more so for the venues themself given the current Google restrictions (or so it seems - needs more digging). And still have to use a third-party site (bit naughty) for the UK. But, otherwise, pretty happy. Retrofitting that to allow editing of existing venues was fun, but think we got it (subject to more testing - *ahem).


Any help/feedback appreciated :-)

Been playing with the Twitter API API. Pretty simple, but a handy way to get someone's ID from their username (which you need to use for badges etc).

Returned data also includes location (if known) and latest status. Actually, the data seems not to be real-time, I'm still having to use the Twitter Javascript with the user ID.

Anyway, the API is here: http://api.twittervision.com/api.html

From the folks at twittervision.

An example of it working can be found here (sorry, you'll need to be logged in):



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