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Real NameWilliam Cheung
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About MeHoser Geek, eh?
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#docs ("pound docs") Lets a business share docs from their Microsoft SkyDrive over SMS via Twilio. Go to the app which is running on Windows Azure, set which SkyDrive account to use, and select a public file to share over SMS. Customers (incl. potential customers) can call the Twilio number associated with the #docs deployment and text "link" to get a link to whatever doc you're currently sharing (for deals, specials, marketing info, etc.) For the sample #docs deployment, call my Twilio number (415)599-2671, enter passcode "7392-3266", and message "link". 
Aussie Pubcrawl An app for Australians (written by a Canadian :) which integrates the Sensis API with the Yelp API to find who drinks at pubs near you. Works by using Sensis Yellow Pages search and matching up with the most recent Yelp reviews for the pubs found to get fresh reviewer photos. Note you must enter an Australian address (just use Melbourne for city if you are not from down under!) 
Canadian Thor A Twilio SMS / Weather Underground integration. Dial my Twilio number +1(415)599-2671 and text '7392-3266 thor' to find out the places in Canada which will have thunder in the next 36 hours. Other weather forecast commands available: 'clear', 'overcast', 'cloud', 'fog', 'rain', 'thunder', 'snow', 'ice age'. Only in Canada eh? 
Flickr on Dynamo Downloads entries from the Flickr public photos Atom feed every 2 hours and caches them in Amazon DynamoDB ("zaps atoms into Dynamo"). Why? So you can do zappy fast searches and likes of photos using DynamoDB, the premier fully managed NoSQL database service on the cloud today. 
Pub Crawl "Pub Crawl" uses the foursquare venues API to provide a way for you to plan a pub crawl in a neighbourhood and see the blokes who will likely be your drinking buddies there. Photos of mayors represent the venues (pubs and/or bars) and are ordered with the closest venues first. Click a photo to drilldown to the foursquare venue page and start your crawl! 
APIs Used
Amazon DynamoDB Flickr foursquare LiveConnect Sensis Business Search Twilio Twilio SMS Weather Underground (Wunderground) Yelp
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search photo sms messaging weather social geolocation fun shopping food docs tools Data
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