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1Acu Identity API 
 2013-03-20Acu Identity Acu IdentityAcu Identity added
1Australian Bureau of Meteorology API 
 2012-01-17Australian Bureau of Meteorology Australian Bureau of MeteorologyAustralian Bureau of Meteorology added
3Australian Business Number Lookup API 
 2012-06-22CreditorWatchCreditorWatch updated
 2011-11-04Australian Business Number Lookup Australian Business Number LookupAustralian Business Number Lookup updated
 2009-02-27Motorbikes For SaleMotorbikes For Sale added
14Tag: iPhone 
 2014-01-24Sincerely SincerelySincerely updated
 2013-12-01Push Channels Push ChannelsPush Channels updated
 2013-06-04OutalotOutalot updated
 2013-02-04Music Cloud for Android & iPhoneMusic Cloud for Android & iPhone updated
 2012-11-06iEnviroWatch iEnviroWatch updated
 2012-10-24Definition AppDefinition App updated
 2012-10-24Dropped Call AlertDropped Call Alert updated
 2012-10-24Singles For FoursquareSingles For Foursquare updated
 2012-10-24Congress111Congress111 updated
 2012-10-19Drop.io iPhone Objective-C Helper LibraryDrop.io iPhone Objective-C Helper Library updated
 2012-10-19Proud Democrat iPhone appProud Democrat iPhone app updated
 2012-10-19Proud Republican iPhone appProud Republican iPhone app updated
 2012-10-19Siri - Your Virtual Personal AssistantSiri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant updated
 2012-10-09BoomboxBoombox updated
50Tag: weather 
 2014-04-10Weather OddsWeather Odds updated
 2014-04-04Geo Location AtlasGeo Location Atlas updated
 2014-03-31Schedjoules Calendar Schedjoules CalendarSchedjoules Calendar added
 2014-03-25TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2 updated
 2014-03-07Weather Web AppWeather Web App added
 2014-02-23Swellcast SwellcastSwellcast updated
 2014-02-18WeerAPI WeerAPIWeerAPI added
 2014-02-14TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2 added
 2014-02-13Geo Location AtlasGeo Location Atlas updated
 2014-01-29Venstar Venstar Venstar added
 2014-01-24Clean Power Estimator Clean Power EstimatorClean Power Estimator updated
 2014-01-24Clean Power SolarAnywhere Clean Power SolarAnywhereClean Power SolarAnywhere updated
 2014-01-06AirNow AirNowAirNow added
 2014-01-06Trogsoft UK Weather Trogsoft UK WeatherTrogsoft UK Weather added
 2014-01-03Stormpulse Maps Stormpulse MapsStormpulse Maps updated
 2013-12-27NOAA Severe Weather Data Inventory NOAA Severe Weather Data InventoryNOAA Severe Weather Data Inventory added
 2013-12-24Open Meteo Forecast Open Meteo ForecastOpen Meteo Forecast added
 2013-12-06Netatmo NetatmoNetatmo added
 2013-12-01Navlost NWX Weather Navlost NWX WeatherNavlost NWX Weather updated
 2013-11-26World Weather Online World Weather OnlineWorld Weather Online updated
 2013-11-16WeatherBug WeatherBugWeatherBug updated
 2013-11-14World Weather Online World Weather OnlineWorld Weather Online updated
 2013-11-14Iowa Environmental Mesonet RadMap Iowa Environmental Mesonet RadMapIowa Environmental Mesonet RadMap added
 2013-11-12MSW Forecast MSW ForecastMSW Forecast added
 2013-11-11NOAA Climate Data Online NOAA Climate Data OnlineNOAA Climate Data Online updated
 2013-11-08WeatherBug WeatherBugWeatherBug updated
 2013-10-30Weather Underground (Wunderground) Weather Underground (Wunderground)Weather Underground (Wunderground) updated
 2013-10-29Meteomedia Weather Development Kit Meteomedia Weather Development KitMeteomedia Weather Development Kit added
 2013-10-28World Weather Online Ski and Mountain World Weather Online Ski and Mountain World Weather Online Ski and Mountain added
 2013-10-25Meteogalica MeteoSIX Meteogalica MeteoSIX Meteogalica MeteoSIX added
 2013-10-25Marine/Surfing Weather Marine/Surfing WeatherMarine/Surfing Weather updated
 2013-10-25World Weather Online World Weather OnlineWorld Weather Online updated
 2013-10-23rFocus GIS rFocus GISrFocus GIS added
 2013-10-10NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) NOAA National Weather Service (NWS)NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) updated
 2013-09-27Onset HOBOlink Onset HOBOlinkOnset HOBOlink updated
 2013-09-21EMP Climate EMP ClimateEMP Climate updated
 2013-09-18Yahoo Weather Yahoo WeatherYahoo Weather updated
 2013-09-18Open Weather Map Open Weather MapOpen Weather Map updated
 2013-09-17FAA Airport Service FAA Airport ServiceFAA Airport Service updated
 2013-09-17AccuWeather AccuWeatherAccuWeather updated
 2013-09-16Weather Channel Weather ChannelWeather Channel updated
 2013-09-06TideSpy TideSpyComment for TideSpy
 2013-05-03Weather CenterWeather Center updated
 2012-10-16Hurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube VideosHurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube Videos updated
 2012-09-24BleacherWeatherBleacherWeather added
 2012-09-22CybergolfCybergolf updated
 2012-09-15WeatherObsWeatherObs added
 2012-08-30Google Contacts MapComment for Google Contacts Map
 2012-08-24Interactive Marine Weather MapInteractive Marine Weather Map updated
 2012-08-03WrongWeatherWrongWeather updated
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