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About Meyoucalc on-demand analytics for data in the cloud
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All-in-one Dashboard Widget for Salesforce.com Visualizes opportunities, leads, cases and accounts in a single interactive chart report. Allows drill-down and grouping by type, source, stage, status, industry, country, etc. Generates list reports with click-through to your salesforce.com account. 
Best Bet in European Soccer This interactive graphical widget compares BetBrain odds to game results to find the most predictable team for each season. 
Energy: Country Comparisons of Fuel Production Interactive pie chart that allows you to select and compare two countries energy production by energy source: fossil, nuclear, hydro or renewable. Data is from Carma.org. 
Google AdWords Performance Widget Track all metrics - CPC CTR, Cost of Conversions etc. - of your Google AdWords campaigns. Analyze clicks, impressions, conversions per campaign and drill down to view the metrics for the groups within a campaign. Works for MCC accounts too. 
Google Finance Historical Data Simple chart displaying one year of historic stock data. This is a chart based on the default CSV import from Google Finance. You can add start and end date to the URL to get more data. 
Historical Stock Price Comparison Widget This widget compares and visualizes two stocks over a timeperiod. The stocks and the timeperiod can be changed. The widget uses data from Google Finance. 
Key Metrics for Google Analytics For on-the-go administrators to access data from their mobile devices. Analytics app company youcalc has created an embeddable Key Metrics Change web widget that displays well on the iPhone as a web app. 
Local Area Info from Zillow Widget See local area information for major us cities. See the age distribution in my city, the price per square foot, and other data. Find out by looking at this widget displaying data from Zillow.com. 
MLB Cost per Game Find out the cost per game for the major league baseball teams. This widget converts a Swivel dataset into a widget through calculations and conversions. 
My eBay Active Sales Monitor An interactive widget that tracks your current eBay auctions. Data is from eBay. See both your sales forecast for Active Sales as well as the number of items up for auction. Useful widget for eBay Power Sellers. 
News Stories by Presidential Candidate Find out which candidate is most actively discussing subjects that interest you. This widget tells you how many news stories on yahoo contain a candidate name and your search phrase for the past 7 days. The widget uses the Yahoo BOSS API. 
NFL Quarterback passer rating simulator Simulate NFL passer ratings for your favorite quarterback. See how could he have achieved a better rating. The widget uses live data from dapper.net. 
Pipeline vs. Quota for Salesforce.com Visualize pipeline and won sales against quota in a single chart. View the chart for the entire sales organization or for an individual user. 
Presidential Election Campaign Finance Widget Which candidate has the strongest campaign financing? This widget calculates and compares the funds raised, spent, debt and funds remaining for Barack Obama and John McCain. Live data feed from maplight.org. 
Real Olympic Medal Count Sure China and USA fought to win the most medals, but find out who really won the medal race. This widget compares medals won to population and GDP to create the real Olympic country rank. Built with the Swivel API. 
Renewable and Nuclear Energy Widget Find interactive data graphs for top countries leading in energy production from renewable, hydro, nuclear and fossil energy sources. Data is from carma.org. 
SUV Pollution See if your SUV is environmental friendly. Data is from Swivel. Displays all 2007 SUV models and their gas economy. A funny discovery: An SUV with smaller engine is not necessarily a more environmental friendly vehicle. 
Top 10 last.fm artists This widget displays 10 most popular artists of Last.fm user. Data can be shown for all time, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 1 week. 
US Crime Statistics A widget that compares states on crime rates for different types of crimes. Data is from fbi.gov. 
US Election Polls: Votes by Strength of States Data from: electoral-vote.com Based on presidential election polls, the widget sums electoral votes and groups them into strong states, weak states, etc., to illustrate how much each candidate relies on weak states votes. Data from electoral-vote.com. 
World of Warcraft Armory Charts Widget displays character distribution through classes, races, factions and genders for specified character name. Data is live from both EU and US World of Warcraft armory databases. US database www.wowarmory.com, EU database www.eu.wowarmory.com 
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