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  Allegro API: Online auction marketplace

  bidStart API: Online collectibles marketplace

  Bidvoy API: eBay product value tracking service

  DataUnison eBay Research API: eBay pricing and sales trend data

  Delcampe API: Auction Website

  DomCop API: Auctioned domain information service

  eBay API: eBay Search service

  eBay Finding API: eBay Search service

  eBay Korea Auction Suggest API: Korean auction service

  GunBroker.com API: Firearm auction site

  HASTUschon API: German products marketplace

  Lauritz API: European luxury auction site

  ListSellTrade API: Online Merchant Platform

  Open Taobao API: Chinese shopping and auction site

  QXL Ricardo API: Danish auction site

  Trade Me API: New Zealand auction site

  Tradera API: Swedish online auction marketplace

  UpName API: Domain name search engine