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What Is Web 2.0?From publisher Tim O'Reilly. Start here.
Web 2.0 Principles and Best PracticesO'Reilly Radar report on Web 2.0 best practices. Written by our own John Musser.
Introduction to Web 2.0Clear, concise introduction with good reference links. By Joshua Porter.
Web 2.0 - WikipediaComprehensive Wikipedia entry.
Web 2.0Thoughtful commentary on Web 2.0 by Paul Graham.
Web 2.0 ConferenceOfficial site for O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Conference.
Web 2.0 for DesignersSome Web 2.0 background and interface design advice from by Richard MacManus and Joshua Porter.
Ajax: A New Approach to Web ApplicationsJesse James Garret's seminal article that defined the term.
Ajax - WikipediaWikipedia definition. Lots of good references from here.
Ajax PatternsAjax portal and wiki. Homepage for the upcoming book Ajax Design Patterns by Michael Mahemoff.
AjaxianGood AJAX reference site and blog.
How to Use AJAXinformIT article from Kris Hadlock on basics of AJAX programming.
script.aculo.usAJAX style JavaScript resources
Books   Ajax in Action  Foundations of Ajax  Professional Ajax   
All About RSSConcise overview from Fagan Finder.
Getting Started with RSSNon-technical RSS tutorial from Paul Stamatiou. Screenshots of various RSS readers.
RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 ComparedHelpful, clear technical comparison of these two feed formats. From Tim Bray.
Books   Beginning RSS and Atom Programming  Developing Feeds With RSS and Atom  RSS and Atom in Action : Building Applications with Blog Technologies   
SSE Draft SpecificationThe initial draft of "Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML" at Microsoft's XML Developer Center.
SSE FAQThe initial SSE FAQ at microsoft.com.
What Is AtomGood, concise summary at XML.com
The Atom APIOverview and history of the API.
Atom - WikipediaWikipedia entry
RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 ComparedHelpful, clear technical comparison of these two feed formats. From Tim Bray.
Books   Beginning RSS and Atom Programming  Developing Feeds With RSS and Atom   
RDFW3C RDF standard.
RDF - WikipediaIncludes references to ontologies and application.s
RDF TutorialsW3Schools tutorials on RDF, from introduction through collections and OWL.
What is RDF?Tim Bray's introductory article at xml.com.
Books   A Semantic Web Primer  Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web  Practical RDF   
OPML - WikipediaIncludes OPML basics, example uses, and alternatives.
OPML ScreencastOPML 101 as a Flash movie. From Alex Barnett.
OPML.orgFrom the creator of OPML, Dave Winer.
Video: OPML in Six MinutesA screencast presentation by David Tebbutt as distilled from an earlier conference presentation.
RESTArchitectural Styles and Design of Network-based Software Architectures. Roy Thomas Fielding's original paper that coined the REST term/acronym.
REST - WikipediaComprehensive overview with good references.
REST Web Services for Ruby on RailsVideo by Chris Abad on creating REST web services for Ruby on Rails. Also links to PDF of slides from presentation.
SOAP SpecificationsOfficial W3C specification.
SOAP - WikipediaWikipedia definition.
Books   Perspectives on Web Services: Applying SOAP, WSDL and UDDI to Real-World Projects  Real World Web Services  Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI   
XML-RPC Home PageHome page for XML-RPC includes full specification, tutorials, and community sections.
XML-RPC - WikipediaBrief overview at Wikipedia.
XML-RPC vs SOAPBasic comparison of the two protocols.
Books   Programming Web Services with XML-RPC   
An Introduction to the ArcGIS Server JavaScript APIThe first in a series of posts that cover the ArcGIS JavaScript API and the ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API. This tutorial introduces the ArcGIS JavaScript API and shows how easy it is to create web mapping applications with this API.
Chat API GUI for the Visually ImpairedContains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). The functionality creates an embedded chat window through a JavaScript event. In this sample the event is triggered through the click of a button, which then allows a visitor to chat with a LivePerson agent.
Dynamic Drive DHTMLLibrary of JavaScript, AJAX, and other DHTML resources.
Embedded Chat WindowContains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). Two scenarios are demonstrated. An embedded chat window that is opened by clicking a button. The button click initiates the chat, and opens an embedded chat window. In the other sample, the chat window appears, but the chat only starts when the visitor sends the first line.
ESRI (UK) & Bing Maps Mashup ChallengeESRI (UK) and Bing Maps are challenging the UK�s Web developers to build a GIS-based mashup that demonstrates how GIS can be used to improve business processes, unlock information and/or connect people with geographical data.
Hacking Google Maps: Building a Community SiteSample chapter from the book Hacking Google Maps by Martin C Brown. Code samples use JavaScript and Perl.
JavaScript - WikipediaVery detailed introduction at Wikipedia.
JavaScript TutorialGood JavaScript tutorials and reference guides at W3Schools.
Sample chat button and chat window A sample chat button and chat window written in JavaScript using the Chat API (JavaScript)
Books   JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook  JavaScript Bible  Professional JavaScript for Web Developers   
Cascading Style Sheets SpecificationW3C main page for CSS specification.
CSS TutorialSeries of tutorials at W3Schools.
CSS - WikipediaIncludes history, examples, and useful references.
Books   Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide  Designing with Web Standards   
XHTML SpecificationW3C HTML and XHTML specifications.
Books   Web Designer's Reference  Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook   
XSLTW3C XLST standard.
XSLT TutorialsGood series from W3Schools.
Books   Learning XSLT  XSLT Cookbook   
25 Things to Think About WidgetsHigh-level outline of 25 widget development considerations.
MediaWiki Widgets LibraryMediaWikiWidgets.org is a community project to maintain a collection of widgets for MediaWiki Widgets extension. MediaWiki Widgets extension allows adding widgets to wiki by just creating pages in Widget namespace.
Widget Best PracticesOverview of widget development best practices including type, sizing, functionality and viral distribution techniques. From ClearSpring.
Widget Developer MarketplaceClearSpring forum for matching widget development projects with widget developers.
Widget Drop Target MatrixVery useful matrix of the widget capabilities and restrictions of some of the more popular web destinations and what they support.
World Wide Web of WidgetsGood overview of the widget marketplace 2007. From Read/Write Web.
API - WikipediaAPI, Application Programming Interface, via Wikipedia.
Social Bookmarking ToolsDetailed review of social bookmarking tools.
FolksonomyWikipedia entry on tagging and folksonomy.
Microformats and Web 2.0Good intro article at XML.com
Microformats PrimerConcise introduction from Digital Web Magazine.
microformats.orgMicroformats reference and information site.


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