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Complete results for "internet":
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APIs (632) is a Bahamas-based internet domain registration...
Internet Vista
Internet Vista is an internet uptime monitoring service that...
Internet Archive
From their site: The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded...
Internet Storm Center DShield
Internet Storm Center provides a free analysis and warning service to ...
Internet Game Database
The Internet Game Database API provides video game, video game company and...
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Daily API RoundUp: Issuu, Rancher, MyLondon, Cachet, Glownet

... in categories including Events, Financial, Cities, and Internet of Things. Featured today are two APIs that provide debt and securities data from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. APIs Rancher provides infrastructure services that include networking, storage services, host management, load ...
Sample Source Code Name Category Submitted
Internet Video Archive PHP Sample Code by azizur
Video 07.30.2016
Internet Video Archive Python Sample Code by Paul Henning
Video 07.30.2016
Sensorberg Android Sample Code by Sensorberg
Internet of Things 08.22.2016
Sensorberg iOS Sample Code by Sensorberg
Internet of Things 08.22.2016
Sensorberg Windows Sample Code by Sensorberg
Internet of Things 08.22.2016
Mashup Name Category Submitted
WorldTV Internet TV Charts
Video 08.22.2006
Trends Buzz
Search 01.15.2010
UBI Voice Assistant
Internet of Things 03.04.2016
Internet of Things 04.26.2015
CubeSensors App
Internet of Things 09.19.2014
SDKS (194)
Framework Name Description
Crossroads Internet of Things iOS Framework by Feeney Wireless Crossroads is an Internet of Things framework that aims to simplify big data. It is targeted to...
Crossroads Internet of Things Android Framework by Feeney Wireless Feeney Wireless, known by providing Internet of Things services, recently released Crossroads, a...
MicroBees JavaScript SDK by MicroBees The MicroBees JavaScript SDK by MicroBees provides integration with an Internet of Things system to...
Babylon JavaScript Framework by Babylon Babylon.js aims to be a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL....
Watir JavaScript Framework by Watir The Watir Framework aims to be an open-source (BSD) family of Ruby libraries for automating web...
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