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Philly Startup Weekend 3.0

... it looks like that's just about right for the Philadelphia StartupWeekend . While some weekends end with a bunch of mock-ups, slide decks and just a handful of working demos, that wasn't the case for Philly this time around. Demos and deployed sites were the rule, with almost 20 different pitches making it to Sunday afternoon. Here's the ...

Mobile Apps Reign at First-ever Lehigh Hack

The first Hackathon in the Lehigh Valley ended April 1st (no really, it did). As it was the first event of its kind we opened with the notion that in contrast to the media’s use of the term ‘hacker’, at these events, it’s about the good kind of hackers. That concept was a echoed by the demos. Not just quality demos, but a lot of projects that try to accomplishing something of value. Here’s a rundown of the teams at LVHack 2012 - a sample of what can be built in a weekend using the wide range of platforms available today.
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