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#docs ("pound docs")

Lets a business share docs from their Microsoft SkyDrive over SMS via Twilio. Go to the app which is running on Windows Azure, set which SkyDrive account to use, and select a public file to share over SMS. Customers (incl. potential customers) can call the Twilio number associated with the #docs deployment and text "link" to get a link to whatever doc you're currently sharing (for deals, specials, marketing info, etc.) For the sample #docs deployment, call my Twilio number (415)599-2671, enter passcode "7392-3266", and message "link". 

TwilioSMS, LiveConnect 

Aanbieding is the leading discount app in The Netherlands. 

Awesome Cities Map

The Awesome Cities Map is a mashup that displays markers locating the top rated cities to live in across the world.  

BuzzData is a complete autocross race management solution for timing, scoring and results. users can populate their T&S data with one click. 

Best City In The World

A visual representation of city ratings from around the world.  

Best City Selector

Best city selector lets you adjust your lifestyle preference and see what cities rank the highest for your personal taste.  


BuzzData lets you share your data in a smarter, easier way. Instead of juggling versions and overwriting files, use BuzzData and enjoy a social network designed for data. 

Car Crime + Accident Map

Searchable Google map displaying car and other vehicle crime alongside road traffic accidents for your local area, with all incidents within 1 mile of your search mapped. 

UKStreetLevelCrime, GoogleMaps, Datagovuk 
Choose Your Best City

This application takes user input and helps decide the best city to live in.  

Data Brushing Test

Multiple scatterplots, multiple selections, and map markers 

Datos Peru

Data mashup combining business registry, trademark, law and telephone information 

GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleAdSense, FacebookSocialPlugins

Driving Evals collects, stores and communicates student and instructor evaluations for High Performance Driving Events. It pulls and pushes student/instructor data from 


Utilization of information technology in sporting events Mashup  

SportsPower, SportsData 

Go Crowdless uses Foursquare check-ins to help you understand when 20 of the most popular attractions are least crowded and most crowded. 

GoogleMaps, Foursquare 
Hurricane Watch Visualization

Hurricane Watch visualizes Atlantic hurricane tracks and advisories from 1950 to the present, displaying the content in coordinated map and timeline viewers. 


track, graph, tweak, find trends in your habits and share on facebook, twitter, etc. more 'input' APIs to follow 

Twitter, Facebook 

A unified social tool that simplifies social login and single sign-on implementation. With the tool, you can allow users to log into your website using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and 25 more ID providers. You can also get accurate social profile data and social analytics. 

Twitter, LinkedIn, GoogleSSO, Facebook 

Its a blog about my professional works of my lighting Design 

Blogger, BingTraffic, ArtistData, RUWT, 7digital 

A weather site that aggregates information about local weather and presents it in a simple visual interface.  

Noodler Car Comparison

Noodler makes vehicle comparison fun! See similarities and differences at a glance. Data from, the highly reputable research site. 



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