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Allows you to keep track of new mentions or replies to your Twitter user instantly. We'll send you a notification as soon as a new mention shows up. 

Twitter, Twilio 
Mobile Identity Verification

Ringful ID Check is an instant way to verify user identity by sending a secret verification code to a user's phone. Ringful ID Check is simple, and it is also more secure than other verification methods such as email confirmation or captcha image. 

Mobile Shopping on eBay

Search for products on eBay and get instant real time listings on your mobile phone. Search using SMS, WAP and Email. Configure alerts and get notified as new products appear. 

EBay, 411Sync 
Mobile Weather Search

Get live weather information from MSN on your mobile phones using WAP, SMS, or Email. Type msnweather followed by a zip code. Get weather updates within seconds. 

MicrosoftBing, 411Sync 
Mobilizing the Moo with MMS

A simple app that receives an MMS sent to a shortcode and posts that into the MOO card creation service. It then SMS the user back with a easy URL that they can visit to continue to design and order the product. 


An SMS price comparison tool. Compare prices on Amazon and eBay while you are out shopping via text messaging. 

EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Real-time, private communication from web users to you, from anywhere. No software required. 

Twilio, Facebook 

moTube is a mobile subscription service that allows people to receive notifications via text message (SMS/MMS) each time a new video is published to a YouTube channel. We created moTube as a way for people to get realtime updates from their favorite YouTube channels directly on their phone. It's a free service and we don't charge subscribers for the notifications sent to their device. Keep in mind that the text messaging plan you have with your mobile carrier still applies. For example, if you have an unlimited messaging plan and receive an update from moTube, you will not be charged anything. moTube is currently in beta, so YouTubers who want to add moTube to their channel must have an invite which we're currently accepting requests for on our website ( 

YouTube, Mogreet 
Music Shuffle

Discover related artists based on a particular artist you enjoy, sort of a quick ""Pandora"" style suggestion. The key aspect is that it's universally accessible by SMS. 

My Powers Out

Report power outages via SMS or email. This app triangulates the location of the outage and gives it to your power company. It's easier to report outages, utilities can repair them faster and you get status updates. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio, SendGrid

Find your secret crush by text message. Enter the phone number of your crush and see if you have a match. You can either respond by text or go to our site to add multiple crushes at once. 

NASDAQ Daily Summary by Phone

See which stocks are most active on NASDAQ in realtime using the keyword clipnasdaqactives from SMS, WAP or email. 

Newscloud on Mobile Phone

Get the latest front-page headlines from Newscloud on your mobile phone. Use SMS, Email and WAP. 

NewsCloud, 411Sync 
Nexmo Mailchimp mashup

It enables users to SMS their Mailchimp subscribers while benefiting from Nexmos wholesale rates and direct to carrier model in over 200 countries. 

NexmoWholesaleSMS, MailChimp 
NFL Player Stats

Get the NFL player stats for league leaders, offense and defense, on your mobile phone. TXT or use from WAP the keyword nflstats. 

NHL Scores and Schedules by Phone

Get the latest NHL scores and schedule from Yahoo Sports on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Use the 411sync service and keyword yahoonhl. 

NZ Lotto Results

Get the latest New Zealand lotto numbers on your mobile. 

oh, don't forget...

Voice reminders sent directly to any phone. 

People Magazine Headlines Mobile

Get the latest headlines, gossip and rumors from People Magazine on your cell phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Use the keyword people and get the content within seconds. 

411Sync enables anyone with a cell phone to send and receive bitcoins. Simple, mobile, point-of-sale bitcoin transactions are as easy as sending a text message. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 


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