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TrafficJammr UK

A quick mashup that plots traffic problems in South Yorkshire, UK. It might seem a bit specific, but it was written to help me get home from Hull, avoiding any traffic problems. 

TrainsOnline Mapping

Maps out the UK rail stations providing FastTicket locations, TIPLOCS, STANNOXs and many other related details. 


The first video guide for hotels. Nicely integrated search and Google Maps. Uses Amazon S3 for video storage. 

GoogleMaps, AmazonS3

Choose a London Underground station to see nearby hotels. 

Sletohcom, GoogleMaps 

This mashup of BBC Backstage and Google Maps asks the question: Where do you want to watch? 

GoogleMaps, BBC 

See television show locations from BBC Backstage plotted on a Google Map. From Tom Scott. 

GoogleMaps, BBC 
Twitter BBC News Mashup

Get BBC news headlines via Twitter. 

UK Airport Hotels Mapped

Locate and book UK airport hotels with this mashup. 

UK Broadband World

A mash up of a broadband checker, Google Maps and Yahoo AJAX. Maps the distance to your exchange and calculates the speed of an ADSL connection as shows a list of broadband providers in the area. NOTE: Jan 07 appears down. 

UK Broadband World

A useful mashup combining an ADSL availability checker with Google maps. Type in a UK postcode and a map is displayed showing the distance from that post code to the local telephone exchange. This distance is then used to calculate the maximum speed. 

UK Camping Map

All the UK's campsites plotted on a Google map, with tools to filter by what facilities the campsites offer, and to find campsites in particular regions or tourist destinations. 

UK Job Search

Job seekers can view jobs based on the usual criteria, such as salary, permanent or temp, location etc. and see the results by list or on a Virtual Earth map. Clicking on a location reveals the available jobs in that area. 

UK Local Knowledge

Good UK mashup displaying data from BBC travel news, BBC London traffic cams, local weather, geotagged Flickr photos and UK Gatso speed camera. By Dom Ramsey. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
UK Motor Map

A Google map showing all the main motorsport venues, links and events in the UK. NOTE: As of Jan 2007 this site appears to be down. 

UK Postcodes

This tool can find the distance between full UK postcodes and display the route on a map. 

UK rail passenger tweet mashup

Rail passenger tweets are plotted on a map, highlighting tweets about delays and cancellations. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
UK Renewable Electricity Map

Renewable electricity generation sites in the UK mapped as SVG circles using D3, with background mapping via the Leaflet API. Mouseover interaction is provided for the legend and data points. The data is from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. 

CloudmadeLeaflet, CloudMade 
UK Schools (

Browsable directory of schools in England. Features include maps, streetview and graphs of number and age of pupils. 

GoogleStreetViewImage, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics 
UK Schools Map

Comprehensive map of UK schools with comparisons of student scores and search capabilities. Marker drill-down brings you to Dept of Education and Skills site details. 

UK SoundMap

Sounds from around the UK are geocoded, added to a map and made available for listening. Curated by the British Library, the sounds are contributed by the public. 



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