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Yahoo Live on Map

This mashup shows Yahoo Live channels on a Yahoo Map. It is easier to visualize and remember the channels you were last time. It uses Yahoo! Live, Yahoo! Maps and Yahoo! Pipes API. 

YahooLive, YahooMaps 
Yapeo video classifieds

A better way to buy and sell on the Internet. Shows video of items for sale. 

Zendesk, Twitter, Reddit, GoogleAJAXLibraries, Facebook, Digg 

Yimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes. 

ZoomInfo, YouTube, YahooVideo, Yahoo, YahooImages, Vimeo, Veoh, Technorati, MicrosoftBing, LiveVideo, GooglePicasa, GoogleAjaxSearch, Gigablast, Flickr, Blogmarks,, AOLVideo 

Yippr brings you the most popular videos of the day from different sources. If you click on the image you will get a lightbox and you will be able to see the video on the fly. If you click on the link you will be taken to the details page. 

YouTube, YahooVideo, MySpace, LiveVideo 

You-Twit is a mashup that aggregates Youtube videos that are trending on twitter. 

YouTube, Twitter, Topsy 

Provides a more user-friendly way to view the comments left on a YouTube video. 


A mashup combining the JavaScript effects ImageFlow and Highslide JS with the YouTube API. With YouFlow you can search all the YouTube videos, browse them with ImageFlow and open them with Highslide. 


An artist-based radio, with information and photos about the currently playing artist. Pulls data from and YouTube.  

YouTube, LastFM, 

The newborn YouLine Internet audio broadcast FM radio. I'll play 365 days 24 hours non-stop Western charts. When you want to check the latest Western hits, with music when I want now, and when I got tired to My Playlist, Recommended to those who need nothing if you have the music to skip and repeat. youtube do not even have a FM broadcast? 

YouTube, YahooMusicEngine, LastFM 

YouLyrics is Youtube + ChartLyrics. Simple way to see your favorite videos together with the lyrics. Also, you will always be surprised: each time someone is watching a video it will appear on the search boxes when someone will load the application. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleSpreadsheets, Google, GoogleHomepage, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, Facebook, ChartLyricsLyric 

This video competition community lets your compare videos and create your own competitions.  

Your Own Music Television

This mashup takes your top 50 artists and plays random music videos by those artists. It can go full screen and you can play your lastFM friends favorite artists too.  

YouTube, LastFM 

YouTorials is an assemblage of free video tutorials collected from YouTube. Users can search or browse through hundreds of videos from how to solve a Rubik cube to how to break-dance. Uses can submit their own videos and subscribe via RSS. 

YouTube Car Videos

Search and view automotive YouTube videos by car make and model. Search used cars using the new Photo Lot. 

YouTube Cloud

YouTube Cloud is like a tag cloud. Instead of tags, this cloud is based on YouTube video popularity. The bigger the font, the more views that video has had. You can filter the cloud by category and time (today, this week, this month, all time). A video thumbnail preview is shown when hovering over a cloud link. Clicking on the links pops up a dialog to watch the video. 

Youtube Fast Search

Youtube fast search has a search and video play function on one interactive page. With drag & drop features, and playlist creation. 

Youtube Favorites RSS

Enter your Youtube username and press the button to create an RSS feed with embedded movies of your Youtube Favorites. 

YouTube, Dapper 
YouTube Instant

Instant videos, instant classic. This mashup landed its creator a job offer over Twitter from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. 

YouTube Made Simple and Visual

View YouTube in an un-cluttered more visual way, your search terms will display 50 video images, a description is shown by hovering over each image. Google searches are shown for News, Web, Images, Books and Blogs related to search terms. 

YouTube, Google 
YouTube MP4

YouTubeMP4 creates a link to the mpeg4 file on YouTube from the YouTube URL. You can download the file quickly by directly downloading it from YouTube. 



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