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.NET Twilio Libraries

Applications used in coordination provide all of the needed .NET wrappers for quickly building .NET Twilio Applicatoins 

Account Status

This sample application shows how to create a simple call flow that will query a database system to provide a caller with their account balance. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

Aculab Cloud Conference Source Code

downloadable content: Full Fledged Cloud Conferencing Solution 

Aculab Cloud Voicemail

How to write a voicemail system Our voicemail tutorial takes you step by step into the process of creating a telephonic voicemail system. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the principles of: �Text-To-Speech (TTS) �Recording messages, and using the Cloud media store �Playing messages on the Cloud media store �Using DTMF detection �Playing DTMF sounds as prompts for messages �Using application arguments within your own programs �Using a menu system �Handling errors and unexpected hangups �Identifying the caller of your application To navigate through the tutorial, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of this screen. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's make a voicemail system!  

Address Change

This example shows how to build a voice application that collects and changes caller address information. This sample makes use of speech recognition and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

AMS Server

C# and Python APIs for VoIP and IP telephony applications 

Benefits Enrollment

This demonstration shows how to build a system that allows employees to enroll for benefits over the phone. The application uses the QuickFuse interface and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 


BrowserCall finds phone numbers on web pages and turns them into clickable links that can make phone calls without using a phone. 

Twilio, Kynetx 
Click to Call for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Adding a click to call button for phone numbers on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. One click of a button and you are instantly connected. No more manual entry of  

Foursquare voice

Check into Foursquare over the phone, using only your voice. 

Tropo, Foursquare 
Groovy Traffic

Simple Tropo mashup which allows the caller to enter a zipcode and hear a list of traffic incidents provided by Yahoo! Local. 

YahooLocal, Tropo 

An open source clone of Google Voice. More features, too. 

Order Processing

This application demonstrates how to build an order and payment processing voice application using QuickFuse and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

Phone Free

This project lets anyone with a Twilio account install their own browser phone. The web app lets you make outbound calls from your browser, receive inbound calls in your browser from your Twilio number, and let's your friends call you from their browsers.  

Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
PHP Wrapper for the Evoca API

A PHP wrapper for the Evoca HTTP API for voice. 

Python Helper Code for Evoca

Python helper code to create the authenticated requests to the HTTP API called EMS, Evoca Media Services. 

Python Newsreader

Reads the titles from Slashdot's RSS feed. 

Python Yahoo! Weather app for Twitter

Asks for a 5-digit zipcode entry, then retrieves and sends weather info from to a Twitter account. 

YahooWeather, Twitter, Tropo 
Ruby Bart ETA

Real time estimated arrivals for Bay Area Rapid Transit. Use subject to terms at  

Tropo, BART 
Ruby NBA News Feed

Reads the NBA news headlines from the NBA RSS feed. 



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