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Recent News by Country Map

Map of recent and archival news by country via New York Times RSS feeds and human rghts news by country via feeds. Map also includes CIA Factbook data and Flickr images. 

Relight New York

Community action meets environment meets mash up. An environmental group started by a 16 year old allows kids in New York to form teams to adopt buildings and report on how many light bulbs they are able to convert.  

Social Actions

Social Actions aggregates actions from more than 60 sources including from WiserEarth, using the WiserEarth API. 

SocialActions - Take Actions Widget

The Related Ways to Take Action Widget figures out what your site's about and then displays related calls to action from,,,,, and fifteen other social action platforms. 


socialConnect is a platform that uses the Social Actions API to search Social Actions from across 50+ sites and provides tools to the user to promote the Social Actions on various networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger.  

Twitter, SocialActions, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger 
Stop New Nukes

A map of nuclear-weapons-related sites in the United States. Features photos from Flickr. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Torture Awareness Map

This Google map is meant to enable organizations scheduling events during the torture awareness month to easily share informations on this map. 

Track Eminent Domain Abuses

Track reports of eminent domain law abuse in the United States. Also includes pinpoints for related events: rallies, meeting, protests, etc. 

Ontok, GoogleMaps 
Tunisian Prison Map

Contextualizing and situating the list of prisons and the human rights abuses in Tunisia. Mashup of database data with Google Maps, YouTube, Flash animations and Yahoo Q Beta search. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

Winner of the Sunlight Foundation Mashup Congress Contest. Get more insight into the truth of campaign finance with this interactive network maps of state level political contribution data. 

US Taxpayer Contribution to Iraq War

Mashup that combines data from the Nation Priorities Project and Google Maps to show how many billions taxpayers in each US state are paying. And where that money might otherwise be spent. 

Wasting Away Superfund Toxic Legacy

From The Center for Public Integrity, Wasting Away is an authoritative report on the EPA that includes an original accounting of the companies responsible for many of polluted sites in America, as well as an array of maps that show where these sites are. 



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