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amazon on bookmarks

Bookmark products on Amazon and get notification when prices change. 

Auction Alerts

Auction alerts is an alert system for eBay auctions.  


Aumio sends scheduled alerts to friends and coworkers by e-mail, text, and phone 

Twilio is a free service that monitors stuff you're interested in and notifies you when things happen. 

Zillow, YahooWeather, USPSTrackConfirm, Twitter, Tumblr, Tropo, StackOverflow, Pushover, Pusher, LastFM, FedEx, Facebook, Dropbox

Sign up for free bitcoin price alerts. is a free service. You will only receive an email when your price target is met. 

BuyLater Beta

Amazon and Twitter mashup to watch prices and availability. 

AmazonProductAdvertising, Twitter 

Uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to track pricing trends on nearly 3 million Amazon products, and notifies its users of price drops via email and the Twitter API. 

Twitter, AmazonMarketplaceWebService 
Craigslist Alerts

Is bookmarklet that will work on any browser and allow you to create alerts while you are searching Craigslist. No account creation needed, simply subscribe and unsubscribe via email.  

Mailgun, LaunchBit 
DEAN Alert

A communications platform that allows millions of people to be instantly notified. 


Tell feedrevolution about what artists you like, and it will tell you when your artists releases new material. Feedrevolution will feed you news about your artists via RSS, Email or Web updates. Artist library can be synched with accounts. 

LastFM, AmazonS3 

Do you use FriendFeed all the time, yet are afraid of missing trends? We will send your feed summary consisting of popular posts to you email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

FriendFeed is a system composed of a Web and plugin for mobile devices that allow recording warnings and URL associated to any geopoint in the planet. These warnings can be show automatically in terminals with the plugin when approaching that geopoint. 

Kiva Alerts is an alerts application built on the API to let you know when loans of your interest appear on 

Loonybot IM Alerts

Provides subscription-based and on-demand information alerts to your jabber based IM (e.g., Google Talk). Just add as a buddy in your IM. 

GoogleTalk, GoogleAppEngine 
Mobile Cricket Scores

Follow World Cup Cricket in real time on your phone using SMS, WAP or email. Use the keyword cricscore and get back results of ongoing matches. 


SafetyGrid is a personal emergency alert system for mobile devices. Receive alerts via telephone, SMS message, Facebook or email. Currently available on iPhone and iPad.  

TwilioSMS, Twilio, Facebook 
Skype Based RSS Reader is a skype mashup using the Skype API as a server to provide RSS subscritption and notification service. 

Skype, EBay 
StepRep Online Reputation Monitor

StepRep allows you to monitor, manage and build your online reputation. StepRep searches websites, blogs, twitter, social containers and photo and video sites. 

YahooImages, YahooBOSS, RapLeaf, GoogleSocialGraph, GoogleSSO, GoogleAppEngine 

A service that tracks your personalized information on the Web in one place. Using popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on nearly everything in your life. 

YouTube, SimplyHiredJobs, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonHistorical, AmazonProductAdvertising 

A simple service for getting email notifications when new videos are available. Choose videos by keyword or by user so that you can follow a user's videos. Allows you to be the first blogger to post a relevant video. 



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