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SOS Garage

SOS Garage is a french Android app that uses the Allogarage API to help find auto garages that are reliable in a users area.  

Added: 2014-03-20
Job finder app - USA jobs

Description Job finder is a job aggregator application developed to bridge the employee & employer community. Job finder is most comprehensive search engine for the Jobs. Through Job finder app , an employee can have access to millions of opening from thousands of organisations, recruitment websites, HR agencies and job boards in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. Job Finder makes it easy to keep up to date with the latest job opportunities. Some are the key features of the application, ∞ Simple, fast-loading job search ∞ Easily apply to select jobs using your Indeed Resume ∞ "Apply from your phone" or "Apply from your tablet" filter ∞ View new jobs added since your last search ∞ Preview page displays text of job posting ∞ Save or email your favourite jobs ∞ Share jobs with your friends 

Added: 2013-09-28

Download TONS of Apps & Games in Appites!. Market for download apps and games for Androdi / iPhone devices. Best look responsive compatible with all devices (smart phones, iPad, iPhone, PC) 

Added: 2013-06-27
YouTube, MobilePhoneMegastore 
Job Sniffer

JobSniffer helps you organize and automate your job search powered with the API from Indeed. -Create filters and automate your search. Let the app do the hard work and it will notify you when new offers appear. -JobSniffer will provide you the web content from Indeed, plus geographical info and the possibility to add your own notes. -Organize all the offers found, marking your favourites as 'Cool'. 

Added: 2013-06-06
Smart Baby Cards

Smart Baby Cards is an Android application. Children can learn about things in different categories, how they look, how they sound and how they are called. 

Added: 2013-05-31
GoogleTranslate, Forvo, BingTranslator 

Android application that uses several APIs to bring to the user all information of his/her favorite musics and artists, including discography, biography, lyrics and where to buy links. 

Added: 2013-01-28
LyrDB, Discogs 
App Review Tube

Search and watch app reviews for iOS and Android. Allows you to also watch reviews being watched by other people. 

Added: 2013-01-03
YouTube, ITunesAppStoreSearch, Google 

SaveUp is a top Polish e-commerce mobile app. It allows to recognize the movies, books, games or audio CDs covers. Identified items can be puchased instantly in one of the 50 biggest online shops in the country. Appllication provides to its users more than 3 000 000 offers.  

Added: 2012-11-28

Find-a-Lawyer is a simple Android native application to find a lawyer in United States. This software uses's API.  

Added: 2011-10-25
Droidin - LinkedIn on Android

Droidin is first ever LinkedIn app on Android platform. After 2 years and 3 incarnations it is entirely LinkedIn API based and continues be the most full featured LinkedIn app on the Android market 

Added: 2011-08-22
Job search HireADroid

HireADroid is Android app that supports simultaneous job search across 6 major job search engines (LinkUp, Beyond, LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder) 

Added: 2011-08-20
SimplyHiredJobs, LinkUpJobSearchEngine, LinkedIn, indeed, CareerBuilder 
Omni tool for android

Omni-tool is a multipurpose diagnostic tool used for finding and analyzing the functionality of the things around the world. Omni-tool is a handheld device that combine a computer microframe and sensor analysis pack. Every smartphone that use android OS could be turned into full-featured omni-tool. 

Added: 2011-07-01

bookfriend is an Android application which creates companion guides for any book instantly and seamlessly wherever you are. 

Added: 2011-04-20
Twitter, LibraryThing, ISBNdb, GoogleBooks, Goodreads, Flickr, BookMooch 
ThyNews for Android

ThyNews for Android is a free, easy to use news reader app designed to let you easily read news and add the news sources you trust quickly. 

Added: 2011-03-06

Android app allows one to write a short message (such as a historical sign's text) and assign it to a gps location. When a user enters the area, the text is spoken on their phone. Includes over 111,000 points covering roadside markers , historical bridges, even ufo sighting locations and have added them to the data base. It includes states such as Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Oregon, Michigan, and Pennsylvania's entire historical roadside marker collections plus a ton of other points to hear all over the country and even in Canada. 

Added: 2010-10-22
AlternativeTo Android

This is an Android Client for AlternativeTo Web Service. It uses almost all the restful services for AlternativeTo  

Added: 2010-09-16
Rent Compass for Android

Find apartments and houses for rent in Canada on your Android while walking down a neighborhood that you like or while commuting to work or school. Call or email landlords with a single touch and if you like a rental share it on Facebook or Twitter.  

Added: 2010-08-20
Music Artist Cloud App

Android app that lets you discover music bands and artists similar to your favorites. Integrates with and YouTube and uses tagclouds to find related artists. 

Added: 2010-06-04
YouTube, LastFM, GoogleAppEngine 

Mobile web app. Integrates an iTunes library, videos from YouTube, lyrics from LyricWiki and similar songs from LastFm. Recently added photos from Yahoo's BOSS API, Eventful concerts, and Twitter. 

Added: 2010-04-30
YouTube, Yahoo, YahooBOSS, Wikipedia, Twitter, LyricWiki, LastFM, Eventful

iPap is a celebrity spotting service utilizing mobile technology and Google maps. The idea is that whenever you see a celebrity out and about, you can use your iPhone to iPap them and let the world know where they are and what they're up to. 

Added: 2010-04-29
YahooBOSS, Twitter, GoogleMaps 


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