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2Checkout Vendor API PHP Class

This PHP class was developed to provide simple & clean approach for PHP developers to use for accessing the newly released Vendor API. All methods available within the API are covered in this class.  

2Checkout API Code Samples

Sample VBA code for the API methods. 

API Manual

VetSuccess API Web Service allows employers to post jobs to without having to complete entry or edits of job forms directly within The Web Service reduces the time required for recruiters to post / edit jobs and enables nearly instant processing of additions or updates to an employer's list of opportunities within 

BlackBerry Chat Application

A BlackBerry chat application that is based on the LivePerson Visitor Chat Rest API. 

BTER API Java Wrapper

Wrapper for making calls to BTER API through Java 

BusinessHut - Excel Implementation and Source Code

An implementation of the SEOmoz API in an Excel function. You supply your API credentials and a list of URLs, and it returns the url-metrics results from SEOmoz. 


Wrapper for the BuzzData library. So far Python is the only implemented language, but JS is planned as well. 

Call-Em-All code samples for API

Perl, Python, PHP, .Net, C++, Bash and VBA 

Chat API (JavaScript) Reference

Describes the Methods and Callback Methods that are available in the Chat API (JavaScript). 

Chat API GUI for the Visually Impaired

Contains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). The functionality creates an embedded chat window through a JavaScript event. In this sample the event is triggered through the click of a button, which then allows a visitor to chat with a LivePerson agent. 

Chat REST API Java Helper Library

The Java Helper Library provides a set of helper functions to simplify the process of connecting your chat application to LivePerson. The Helper Library is not required to interface with LivePerson. You can implement your own interfaces or use and incorporate the code and examples provided by the Helper Library into your code. 

DatumBox API for Node.js

This module is designed to make the DatumBox API available in Node.js. Its pretty inspired and ported from the PHP Wrapper. 

Digg Lite Sourcecode

Source code for the sample Digg Lite application, created to show off the new writable Digg API. 

Embedded Chat Window

Contains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). Two scenarios are demonstrated. An embedded chat window that is opened by clicking a button. The button click initiates the chat, and opens an embedded chat window. In the other sample, the chat window appears, but the chat only starts when the visitor sends the first line. 

FlightCaster API VBA Code Samples

Sample VBA code for consuming FlightCaster API. 

Geonames geographical data API

Sample VBA code for consuming various Geonames API methods. 

Getting Started: Building a Visit API Application

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a visit API application. It demonstrates usage of the Visit API as a result of server-to-server notification. 

JangoMail API Tutorial

This pdf shows how to use SOAP or HTTP GET/POST methods to integrate the JangoMail API into your own software. 

LivePerson Android Chat Client

An Android activity which enables the user to request a chat from a given account. It provides the ability to start a chat, send and receive chat messages, and stop a chat. You can modify the server or site ID by accessing the menu or clicking the "Change..." button. 

Microsoft Translator Java API

A Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API aka Bing Translator. 

MicrosoftTranslator, BingTranslator 


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