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Astronomy and space focused mashup of Google video feeds (YouTube), links, Digg stories and global news. 

Google, GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, FeedBurner, Digg, - Deep Sky Objects Database is mashup of Deep Sky Objects with bibliographic references, images and sky maps. 

SDSSImgCutout, OpenSkyQuerySkyPortal, GoogleMaps 

You are at a scenic overlook and see distant summits. Find out what they are with HeyWhatsThat which provides panoramic sketches and the names of peaks. Browse panoramas that others have requested and generate your own. 

Sky Clock

The Sky Clock shows what is happening along the ecliptic in the sky over your head right now. Specifically, it shows you where to find the Sun, the Moon, the five planets visible to the naked eye, and four bright stars that happen to travel near them. 

Sky Map

Astronomy videos superimposed on a map of the night sky using the Google Maps and YouTube API's. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
Star Viewer

Astronomy videos and animations shown on a map of the night sky. A mash-up of videos from the European Space Agency and Google Sky. 

Stars and Planetarium Search

Get maps and information about your favorite stars, plus view maps. Get star, planetarium, and observatory information. 

YouTube, SimpleAPI, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Tag Galaxy

An application that uses Flash to explore Flickr photos via virtual 3D planetary systems. Enter a tag, and the related galaxy appears on screen. When you click on a sun, the images are placed on a 3D rotating globe. 

The Skymap

The Skymap is a new application that uses GPS-enabled mobile devices to display the current sky at the users current location. WHERE mashup contest winner. 



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