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Baseball Scores on Mobile

Track the current status of all MLB games with a single keyword. Simply use SMS or WAP and use keyword scoresmlb. 

Baseball Stadiums Map - All Levels

A map of all the baseball stadiums in the US/Canada from Rookie to MLB and Indy too. You can turn on and off the different levels to see only the levels you want to see. 

Business of Baseball on Google Maps

Google Maps Mashup of Forbes data on the Most valuable teams in MLB. Also includes Yahoo Sports MLB RSS feeds. 

Detroit Tigers Map

Google Maps mashup of the Detroit Tigers players and where they are from. Popups include photos and links to detailed stats. 

GoogleMaps Ballpark Guide lets you to share and collect your experiences visiting ballparks across the US. Features a guide and gallery powered by Yahoo Maps and Flickr. Ballpark Collection shows an array of all ballparks, highlighting ones you have reviewed. 

YahooMaps, Flickr 

Sports Web 2.0. Mashing up Flickr, YouTube and RSS feeds to provide fans a way to track all the most recent videos and news for their favorite teams. 

YouTube, Flickr 
Look4it New Brunswick

The Search Engine that gives you local results first! 

FanFeedrSportsNews, ESPN, 411Sync 
MLB Cost per Game

Find out the cost per game for the major league baseball teams. This widget converts a Swivel dataset into a widget through calculations and conversions. 


MonsterPreps is a college sports recruiting community where athletes can post photos, videos, game stats, and information to market themselves to college coaches and recruiters. 

YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, GoogleMaps 
Red Sox Fans Guide to Fort Myers

A guide for Red Sox fans visiting Ft Myers, Florida for spring training. Created with the Atlas mapping tool. Fans can plot photos on a satellite image of City of Palms Park and comment on businesses found via Google Local Search. 

San Francisco Giants Mashup

View Giants schedule on a calendar and map, shop for Giants goods, sound off on the message board, read all of the latest news, all in one place. 

Sports Karma

Mashup with Google and Yahoo news feeds, blogs and widgets covering 26 categories of professional and amateur sports internationally. 

YahooWidgets, Yahoo, Widgetbox, Weblogs, NCAAMensCollegeBasketball, MySpace, Google, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAdSense, CommissionJunction 
Stadium Hunt

Satellite images, information and directions for hundreds of stadiums across the United States. 

The Baseball CDV Project

Image catalog of every known baseball carte de visite format photograph using Google Maps. 



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