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A Walk Through The Word

Daily Bible readings mashed up with personalized journaling. 

AgentRank for WordPress

A WordPress Plugin that conveniently displays an agent's AgentRank data- profile, sales, reviews, forecasts, etc., from RealtyBaron. 

All Around China - Live China 360 Search

Searchable news about the Chinese economy, government and culture. 

YouTube, YahooVideo, YahooMyWeb, Google 
Amplified Documents

This example uses Drupal and QueryPath along with several web services to transform a short piece of content into a portal's worth of media. 

Twitter, Technorati, Flickr, Amplify, AmazonProductAdvertising 

The Amazon API and RSSBus combined to create a wishlist widget. With this widget, not only will people buy you things, but you can get paid when they do.  

Are You an A List Bloglebrity?

A Technorati-powered widget that determines the celebrity list status of a blogger. 


Service for PCs which can search the favorite writers Books. And you can see results by Timeline showing a list and a publication day. 

Technorati, GoogleAjaxSearch, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Social photo badges for PicPlz, Burstn, Snapr and more. Display your follower count, number of photos and photos on your website or blog. 

Snapr, PicPlz, Instagram, Burstn, Steply 
Badger: Web Badge From Any Feed

Badger uses Yahoo Pipes and JavaScript to create Web badges out of any RSS feed. Edit colors, change feeds, pages, and headlines and pick up your source code at the bottom of the page. 

Blog on a Map

SadakMap has developed a framework that allows blogging on the backdrop of a Map. Built on top of Google Maps and is integrated with Facebook and Flickr. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr, Facebook 
Blog Posting from

Allows users to create Blog posts on Blogger, LiveJournal, and WordPress directly from their accounts while sharing Box content. 

LiveJournal, Box, Blogger 
Blog Ranking

A ranking system for blogs. View the top 100 Indonesian blogs. 

Twitter, Technorati, Google, FeedBurner,, BackTweets, AlexaWebInfo, YahooSiteExplorer 
Blog Value Calculator

This applet uses the Technorati API to compute and display what your blog is worth using the same link to dollar ratio as done in the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal. 


SharedBook used its API and Google widgets to build Blog2Print, a new blog printing widget that can be used by writers and their readers to turn blog posts into books. 

Blogabond World Map

Travel blog service with photo sharing and mapping services. 

Lat49, GoogleMaps 
blogger + calendar

A mashup of Blogger and Google Calendar. Embed links and summaries of blog posts in your calendar. 

GoogleCalendar, Blogger 
Bloglines Notifier

A Google Gadget to notify you of the count of unread items in your Bloglines account. 

GoogleHomepage, Bloglines 

The blogloc map badge is a small map you can embed on your Website to show your live location. Location can be updated over the Web, via mobile phone or directly via GPS on GPS-enabled phones that support Java. 

GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 

The EVDB (now Eventful) API combined with MS MapPoint creates a mini-map (Feedmap) showing bloggers and events nearby a particular blogger. 

Eventful, MapPoint 

What's the colour of your blog? blogRGB classifies and visualizes blogs in a creative way - treating colours as text-metaphors and using AI classifiers. Analysis of colour metaphors in blog texts can offer fascinating insights. 

Wikipedia, UClassify, GoogleChart, COLOURlovers 


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