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A Firefox extension that allows you to read from all over the web the comments to posts, directly from Google Reader. Uses the ContextVoice API. 


Track visitors to your website using Google Maps. 

Hot Keywords Trends

Find out which keywords are hot lately. This mashup combines Google Hot Trends, Yahoo BOSS Search and Yahoo BOSS Images Search API, and Technorati API. 

YahooBOSS, Technorati 
HTML Instant - Real-time HTML editor and Search Engine

Real-time HTML/CSS/Javascript editor and advanced Search Engine dedicated to web development and design. 

GoogleCustomSearch, Blogger Embeddable Google Map and Flickr Mashups allows non-techie users to create fully customizable embeddable google maps of geocoded flickr photosets or search results. You can use it to create maps of your own photos, or other users. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
IndoTag Music Portal

Music Portal a.k.a is a portal of music blog posts and provides a concise snapshot of the latest in music blogging. 


Subscribe to your favorite RSS Feeds and have them automatically appear in Instapaper. Login to Instascriber with your Instapaper credentials and enter the RSS feeds you would like to appear in Instapaper. Automatically add new items to Instapaper as they are published. 

Instapaper, GoogleAppEngine 

You can search various microblogging sites like Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Yahoo answers etc. On the homepage, we list the most popular keywords and trends that are being searched by the people across the world.  

YahooAnswers, Twitter, Identica, GoogleAjaxSearch, Digg 
LastFM Shout

An extension to CloudShout. Lists all current visitors to your blog that have provided their LastFM username. Clicking on them plays their LastFM library. 


Adds an overlay window showing incoming links to any web page. Requires Firefox and Greasemonkey. 


LinkSensor semantically analyzes pages on-the-fly and highlights key concepts in the text. When your mouse is over a highlighted word, LinkSensor suggests other relevant articles from the blog or other sources. Can be used for contextually relevant ads. 

YahooBOSS, Sensebot, SemanticContextualAdvertising 
Listen To Blogs

Listen to your favorite blog, or turn any blog into a podcast using your own voice 

SoundCloud, GoogleAppEngine 
Live Spaces Pictures Gadget

Use this Windows Live gadget to browse photos in photo albums on Windows Live Spaces. Just specify the name of the space. You can also browse photo albums from randomly selected spaces. 

MailChimp WordPress Plugin

The MailChimp Wordpress plugin allows you to add your MailChimp email signup form as a widget on your Wordpress blog. 


A tool that translates RSS feeds into 24 languages. Use Mloovi to generate an RSS feed in the language of your choice. Your users can subscribe to the URL and see your blog in their language when it is updated. 

MSN Spaces on Your Phone

Windows Spaces is mobile. Read your friends Spaces on your mobile phone using SMS and WAP. Simply use the keyword spaces and provide handle of the user. Configure alerts to find out what your friends are up to. 

MicrosoftBing, 411Sync 
Multi-Search Prototype

Multi-Search uses Pipes, BBC News, Yahoo Search and Term Extraction APIs, and the Google Blog Search. We start with BBC news stories and excerpts, gather terms, find blog entries through Google, and then guess the feed URL using Yahoo Search. 

YahooTerms, Yahoo, Google, BBC 

Music mashup that allows searching of data from Amazon, news from Yahoo, and blogs via Technorati. 

YouTube, YahooVideo, YahooImages, Technorati, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 
My Bikram Yoga is dedicated in bringing you the latest in the Bikram yoga community, news, blogs, images and videos. 

YouTube, Technorati, Flickr 

A visual Google Maps and Twitter mashup lets you find local updates from local tribunes. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 


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