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NameDescriptionAPIs sends Twitter direct messages, linking to news within 1,000 feet of your address. 

Optevi News Tracker

Loads news feeds, extracts meaningful terms and searches for related news, blog and discussion pages. Allows the user to browse the news by articles or by entities. 

Technorati, MicrosoftBing, ClearForest

Find and map a variety of local information including blog posts, art gallery reviews, real estate listings, police reports. 

PeoplePond ADAM Blogger Widget

Do you have a blog or other sites build on the Blogger platform? If so, your pages can be dynamically built around the rich content from your PeoplePond profile by using the PeoplePond Blogger Plugin.  

PeoplePond, Blogger 
PeoplePond Widget

Sites built on the TypePad platform can be dynamically built around the content from your PeoplePond profile by using the PeoplePond TypePad Plugin. 

Peoplepond Wordpress Plugin

Auto-generates your About page using your peoplepond profile. 


A mashup of tags with a Yahoo Pipe containing aggregated results from Blogger, Technorati Google Blog Search and several others. Click on a tag to see what people in the blogosphere are saying about that topic today. 

Yahoo, Technorati, Google, 
PostRank Google Reader Extension

Use this PostRank Google Reader extension to bring PostRank filtering into Google Reader. View rankings for each feed and custom tweak your settings. 

Print Friendly

With service, you can create printer friendly versions of any blog and select articles to print. 


Profileomat is a shareable Profile Aggregator that lists all your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Contact Info, Photo Albums and other Profiles in a box. Formerly called 


Uses Technorati and Feedburner APIs to rank Philippine blogs. 

Technorati, FeedBurner 
Recent Activity FeedFlare

Shows the last item bookmarked by the blog owner on the social bookmarking website. 

Recent Activity FeedFlare

Mashup of and the Feedburner FeedFlare API. Shows the last song listened to by the blog owner on along with a user profile link. 

LastFM, FeedBurner

An experimental discovery tool that searches tags from various social network-type sites including Flickr, Technorati, and Upcoming. 

Upcoming, Flickr 

Ringerous lets you post to your Posterous blog by phone. Your recorded message is added to the post with an embedded MP3 player for easy playback. 

Twilio, Posterous, GoogleAppEngine 

RSS2twitter is an RSS-to-Twitter posting application. Automatically get RSS feed entries added to Twitter. Use it for you blog or any other feed type. 


Track the most popular news and other threads online via RSSmeme. Integrates with FriendFeed API. 

Sad Statements

Sad tweets are grabbed from Twitter and illustrated via pictures from Flickr. Sometimes the pictures and the text are not a perfect match. Other times the matches seem profound. 

YahooTerms, Twitter, Flickr 

A do-it-yourself website creation and hosting service designed to enable users to easily create sites using web services such as Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, and BlueDot. 

YouTube, YahooMapImage, YahooGeocode, Weblogs, Technorati, PubSub, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleAdWords, Flickr, FeedBurner,, BlueDot, Bloglines, Blogger, AmazonProductAdvertising 
SEO Related Answers

A mashup between Yahoo Answers and the Blogger API. Contents are retrieved on the fly from Yahoo Answers and auto-posted to Blogger. 

YahooAnswers, Blogger 


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