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Blog Ranking

A ranking system for blogs. View the top 100 Indonesian blogs. 

Twitter, Technorati, Google, FeedBurner,, BackTweets, AlexaWebInfo, YahooSiteExplorer 
BlogUSphere Moods

Find out how US Bloggers are feeling today. And which area of US is full of happy bloggers and which sad. BlogUSphere Moods maps the feelings of US Bloggers on the US map, making use of We Feel Fine API, Yahoo Pipes and Google Maps. 

WeFeelFine, GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleMaps 

The latest videos and related details from YouTube, Technorati and Yahoo Search. 

YouTube, Yahoo, Technorati 

A community site allowing you to share media from other social web 2.0 communities. 

YouTube, Flickr, Blogger 
FeedBurner graph

Using the FeedBurner API this tool draws a graph of your sites feedreaders over a period of time. 


FeedFlinger is a prototype nothing-but-net RSS explorer, using the Feedburner sweet new JSON return for source material, two flavors of Yahoo Search for search and term extraction, and for storing and sharing. 

YahooTerms, Yahoo, FeedBurner, 
Full Feeds Alliance

We determine your RSS feed whether full or partial automatically. You can add special banners of full or partial feed to your site. 

Technorati, GoogleAjaxFeeds, FeedBurner, 

gFeedMap combines Google Maps and to display the location of websites/blogs on a Google map. It also features BlogMaps - badge-sized maps for websites. 

GoogleMaps, FeedMap 

Select a city and view an aggregated page of feeds from all over the Web, in addition to utilizing a few APIs. See what is happening in your city or a city that you are traveling or moving to. 

Zvents, YahooAnswers, Upcoming, Eventful 
Most Popular French Feeds

Listing of the most popular FeedBurner feeds in France. Data as of December 2006. 

MyBlogLog Sphere

Gets your blog's recent readers and places their avatars on the world map. See where your readers come from. 

MyBlogLog, GoogleMaps, GoogleAJAXLibraries

Lets sellers create a web catalog from their shops. It can be used as the seller homepage, because it integrates Twitter, Blog, and Etsy accounts. It also can be widgetized and included in any other website. 

YahooMapImage, Twitter, Etsy, Blogger 
Next Event Stats FeedFlare

Displays a blog owners next event, and the number of Yes and Maybe responses received so far. 


Oamos pings search engines for up-to-date news, images, synonyms, music, and videos in relation to your topics. Meta-inspiratios engine. 

Yahoo, Technorati, Google, Flickr, AmazonSimpleDB 
Ontok Highlighter

Free ad-supported web service for publishers that highlights words on a site using Ontok UrlInfo API backend. When users mouseover the inserted links, they see ads and search results from other APIs like Amazon, ebay,, Adsense, and Yahoo. 

Yahoo, Technorati,, Ontok, GoogleAdSense, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Random Feed

Randomly displays an item from the list of RSS/Atom feeds. Flip through the feed items manually or view them as slideshow. Webmasters or bloggers can also add this gadget to wherever they want. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 
SMS GeoBlogging Service

Blog based on your location. Users can request posts based on their location or subscribe to RSS feeds. It also provides a way for users to enrich their blogs with Yahoo Pipes. 

YahooMaps, BTWeb21C 

Aggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks. 

Yahoo, GoogleAjaxSearch 

Tubarati allows you to get the latest YouTube videos based on the most popular posts by bloggers around the world, using Technorati tags. 

YouTube, Technorati 
Twitter Atlas

Most recently posted Twitters locations plotted on a map and updated automatically. 

Twitter, MicrosoftBingMaps 


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