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Sports News Pub

Sports News Pub is a sports news portal that makes news reading fun user friendly. It allows you to bookmark news items on your browser to read later. 

Added: 2012-04-23

A tool that automatically saves Gmail attachments to Dropbox. A way to organize and archive your Gmail attachments and also be able to access them offline. 

Added: 2011-07-27
GoogleGmailOAuth, Dropbox 

Ohsopopular is a service to see how popular a URL is on the web. Checks several services like Google Pangerank, Alexa Rank, Compete, Delicious, etc. and assigns a number rank.  

Added: 2011-04-15
Google,, Compete, Bing, BackType, AlexaWebInfo 

Capture your memories from popular social media sites. See, search and share your photos, music, video, status updates, blog posts and more.  

Added: 2011-03-31
Vimeo, Twitter, TripIt, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, Facebook

A social bookmarking site and Facebook application. The entire site and all of it's features are available through the Facebook application. The site also uses the delicious API to allow users to import all of their delicious bookmarks into easily. Beyond this uses the Twitter API to allow people to bookmark links from tweets automatically. 

Added: 2011-01-19
Twitter, ShareThis, Facebook, 

Whaddado is a Social bookmarking site for events and things to do Whaddado, add your fav websites, create lists and share them with friends. Discover new things to do and follow our experts to find out the coolest things around the world. 

Added: 2010-12-28
YouTube, Yelp, YahooWeather, YahooGeocode, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonEC2, AlchemyAPI 
Delicious XML Exporter

Export your delicious bookmarks as an XML file. 

Added: 2010-12-18 
Browse, Search, and View Delicious Bookmarks

The mashup provides a way of searching for delicious bookmarks by keyword and/or username and viewing bookmarked pages without leaving the site. It also presents with popular bookmarks view as a homepage. 

Added: 2010-11-01 

Twimply is a mobile-friendly web based Twitter client with Instapaper and Delicious support. 

Added: 2010-09-26
Twitter, TwitPic, TweetPhoto, Mobypicture, 

ReaderMeter displays author statistics based on readership data obtained from Mendeley. It also shows readership breakdown for individual publications and offers a JSON interface to its contents. 

Added: 2010-09-09
Mendeley, GoogleVisualization 

A news aggregator that aggregates popular links from popular social networks. Newzupp continuously crawls through the social networks to pull out the latest stories. The home page is a mashup of such links. 

Added: 2010-04-12
Twitter, Tweetmeme, Reddit, FriendFeed, Digg, 
Similar Site Search

Find similar websites to a given URL. 

Added: 2010-02-03

Tinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox.It also allows you to put together different types of media such that users can concurrently see and hear about a topic 

Added: 2010-02-02
YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertising 

A tribute to Reddit. 

Added: 2009-12-01

Bringing you the hottest current pages from YouTube, Twitter, digg, Flickr, delicious, and Netflix. 

Added: 2009-09-19
YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Flickr, Digg, 
Deli TV for Boxee

Subscribe to your Delicious TV feed and program your Boxe TV from delicous. Bookmark videos, genre listings, playlists, other peoples Delicious TV listings, etc. to delicious, then view them in Boxee. 

Added: 2009-09-07
YouTube,, BBC 
Digg Diversity

Digg Diversity calculates fair data on digg stories and acts as a alternative front page for users who care more about original content. It is also an excellent example of the very difficult Javascript API. 

Added: 2009-07-22
Wectar Gems

Enter a user name and get a list of website recommendations based on the likings of this user. 

Added: 2009-07-15 

Finds related web sites to a given one from within the pool of (previously) popular web sites on 

Added: 2009-07-14 

A bookmarking site for submitting your favorite links. Others can add links or simply vote for the link. 

Added: 2009-07-01 


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