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Storefront built on Amazon eCommerce with millions of products from a wide variety of categories and hundreds of merchants with competitive prices. 


Site with semi-random set of trivia for media including bookmark counts and Amazon sales rank graph in the latest week. 

Google,, AmazonProductAdvertising 

This nice graphing application shows you the count of tags applied to a given URL over time. By Terrell Russell. 

A Mac OS X desktop application that lets you browse your accounts. 
Daily Mashup

Combines popular items from Flickr,, furl, and Yahoo News., Flickr aggregator

Lists the most popular bookmarks in over specific time periods, such as 4 hours, a day, a week, a month and a year. direc.tor

Ajax-style prototype for an alternative web-based rich UI for for

A proof-of-concept mashup between and Allows Enterprise Edition users to quickly associate a URL with an account, contact, or lead. 

Salesforce, in 3D

View geolocalized bookmarks over a 3D earth globe. Search by tag or username., Poly9FreeEarth Spy

Ajaxonomy Spy is an application that allows you to find the newest bookmarks added to The application allows you to filter the links that appear and has links to easily share the bookmark. Suggests

Simple JavaScript app to find bookmarks from tag cleaner

Web tool for cleaning your tags. It can detect and merge your duplicate tags automatically. 

This nice enhancement allows you to see which of your bookmarks are used most frequently. By DeWitt Clinton. 
Deli TV for Boxee

Subscribe to your Delicious TV feed and program your Boxe TV from delicous. Bookmark videos, genre listings, playlists, other peoples Delicious TV listings, etc. to delicious, then view them in Boxee. 

YouTube,, BBC 
Delicious Preview

Preview what everyone is bookmarking in With this Google gadget, you can preview, add tabs, and remove tabs for the tags in the Tagcloud. 

Delicious XML Exporter

Export your delicious bookmarks as an XML file. 

Mac OS X 10 Spotlight plug-in to search 
Digg Arkayne

Interface with Digg API and RSS feeds to get lists of daily top posts. Mashes with Arkayne API to find related content. Creates lists of articles around each Digg topic. 

Digg, Arkayne 
Digg Bury Recorder

Ajaxonomy's Digg Bury Recorder records the buries that a given Digg story receives including the reason for the bury, the number of diggs a story has at the time of the bury, the time and date of the bury and the number buries. 

GoogleChart, Digg 
Digg Charts

Digg API Contest Finalist: Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories. Additionally, a graph is generated showing a selected story's popularity over time. The user view allows viewing a users popular submitted stories. 



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