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Digg City

Digg API Contest Finalist: Digg City shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building. When someone diggs the story a stick figure of that user is added. Figure goes inside the building he has just Dugg. 

Digg Comment Spy

Track live comments posted to Digg. Blue posts are replies to the top thread, yellow are replies to another comment. 

Digg Diversity

Digg Diversity calculates fair data on digg stories and acts as a alternative front page for users who care more about original content. It is also an excellent example of the very difficult Javascript API. 

Digg in a Box

An interactive Digg badge in a one-line JavaScript include. Highly configurable, including discussion topics, popular stories, zoom to view readers, and more. 

Digg Preview

Use this gadget to preview what everyone is digging at Dynamically add or remove tabs for the topics of your interest. 

GoogleHomepage, Digg 
Digg Sidebar for Firefox

A Firefox extension for viewing Digg stories in Firefox sidebar in real time. Uses the Digg API to retrieve the data from Digg. The categories of stories, such as Popular and Upcoming can be chosen. 


A 2-D shooter game that implements the Digg API. 


A cool blend of and See live updates of what is being dugg and what is being linked. 

A visualization for that shows diggs in realtime on a world map. 

GoogleMaps, Digg 

What you get when you combine, and 

Domain Info Script

Learn a lot about your web site with this mashup. Check the incoming links, the directories a domain is in, its PageRank, and more with this domain-info script. 

YahooSiteExplorer, Yahoo, Google,, MicrosoftBing 

DuggBack is a service that lets you quickly find all the available mirrors and web caches for a popular Digg story. 

GoogleMaps, Digg 
DZone Preview

Preview the new links at using this Google gadget. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the tag of your interest from the tag cloud. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 

Desktop Blog Client that integrates many RSS and Web Services for creating blog content. 

Yahoo, TypePad, Technorati, LiveJournal, Google, Flickr,, Bloglines, Blogger, AmazonProductAdvertising 

FeedFlinger is a prototype nothing-but-net RSS explorer, using the Feedburner sweet new JSON return for source material, two flavors of Yahoo Search for search and term extraction, and for storing and sharing. 

YahooTerms, Yahoo, FeedBurner, 

FeedMashr mashes the daily popular RSS feeds from the popular social bookmarking sites, and others, but also lets you toggle back in time to see hot links that you may have missed. 


Mashup of Amazon (for album/book details), Audioscrobbler (for related artists), Flickr (for tagged photos), (for tagged links), Blogdigger (for media files) and Feedster (for matching weblog posts). 

Flickr,, AmazonProductAdvertising 
FriendFeed Stats

Tracks the FriendFeed public feed to show statistics about FriendFeed. Shows data in a variety of formats in hours, days, months, or services, and allows you to drill down to a specific user or service. 

Frisbee Mashup

Frisbee Mashup newes photos, events, movies, bookmarks and special feeds are published on five pages, frisbee, dog frisbee, disc golf, ultimate and freestyle. 

YouTube, Upcoming, Flickr, 
Full Feeds Alliance

We determine your RSS feed whether full or partial automatically. You can add special banners of full or partial feed to your site. 

Technorati, GoogleAjaxFeeds, FeedBurner, 


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