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Joomailer is a complete newsletter solution for the CMS Joomla!. There are 2 versions: one that works with Mailchimp and the other with Campaign Monitor. The Mailchimp Version is also mashed up with the Google Analytics API to provide detailed reports. 

MailChimp, GoogleAnalytics, CampaignMonitor 
KeenUrban is an local business directory for all US cities and States. 

LocalSchoolDirectory, GovData 
Key Silicon Valley Places

Map of the main players in Silicon Valley like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay and many others. Via Valleywag. 


Manymoon makes it easy to manage tasks, documents, and projects with the people you work with. 

GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleDocsList, GoogleCalendar 
Marketing Intelligence Console

Online Marketing Mnagement Suite, add your site and a few competitors, Mic collects relevant data, backlinks, pageranks, etc and makes recommendations on how you can improve your site to compete with your chosen competition.  

YahooSearchMarketing, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Digg, CrunchBase 
MICE Meets Metropolis

Search for business services, hotels and facilities in the region Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands. This website uses Flash FLEX Google maps and the Google Maps Javascript API. 

GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps 

Morces is a mobile web platform that put businesses on mobile. 

GoogleTalk, GoogleStreetViewImage, GoogleAppsEmailMigration, GoogleAppEngine 

Application and map for business card sharing. 


A user-generated, anonymous salary comparison website. Integrates with Google Maps. 


A Reputation Community designed to create professional opportunities by promoting your name. Uses the FreeYourID API.  


News stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms. 

YahooTerms, Google, GoogleHomepage, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, GoogleAJAXLanguage, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, AmazonEC2, aideRSS 

An easy way to add live chat support to any website, leveraging public chat protocols (via the tropo API) and the Campfire chat room. 

Tropo, Campfire 
People and Business Locator using ZoomInfo API

People and business locator using the ZoomInfo API. 

People Search World

People Search World is a people search engine allows anyone to search public records, emails, US addresses, phone numbers and more for millions of people nationwide. 


PlanZap allows you to make online appointments with only the best customer recommended professionals and businesses across the country! It provides combined and aggregated reviews and ratings for each business! It displays relevant daily deals for each search! Make an appointment now in minutes! 

Yipit, Twitter, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, CityGrid 

This small app allows RescueTime users to try ProcrasDonate's time management incentive. For every hour procrastinated, users automatically donate to their favorite charities and causes. Feel good about procrastinating...a little bit. 

Push Conference

Ringful Push Conference will dial-in all meeting attendees automatically a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Push conference integrates instantly with Google Calendar, Outlook and all other major calendars supporting iCalendar attachments. 

QuickBase PowerTools with Click-to-Conference

An extension to your Firefox browser that adds important sales capabilities to QuickBase CRM including click-to-conference, currency conversion and maps. 

Twilio, QuickBase, DBBusinessVerify 
ripstyles phone management

Allows customers of ripstyles to call to get a variety of departments in the company including automated order tracking over the phone.  

SAP Trade Zone Optimization

SAP application for Zone optimization using MapPoint 2006 and Virtual Earth 3D. This link goes to a Microsoft blog post with video showing more about the application. 



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