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1000 songs

Matches up The Guardian's "1000 songs to hear before you die" with Last.FM listener stats, and displays lyrics for each song from 

LyricWiki, LastFM, Guardian 
Altio Diagram

Chart your musical relationships with your friends. 

Chart Generator

AJAX GUI for the Google Chart API. 


Interactive chart generator with in-place Ajax display of generated charts. Now uses the Google Chart API. 


Create your own charts, find new music or radio stations, watch the videos of your favorite artist or band. 

YouTube, YesBroadcastDB, LyricWiki, LastFM, Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Coinstackr’s interactive charting platform provides historical pricing data, a wealth of indicators, moving averages and drawing tools for technical chart analysis. 

MtGox, CoinDesk, BTCe, BitStamp 
Color hex

Shows color info including hsl, hsv rgb values and the color chart. 

Custom World Maps

Simple mapping tool that generates custom color maps of the world. 

YahooWidgets, GoogleChart 
Digg Bury Recorder

Ajaxonomy's Digg Bury Recorder records the buries that a given Digg story receives including the reason for the bury, the number of diggs a story has at the time of the bury, the time and date of the bury and the number buries. 

GoogleChart, Digg 
Energy: Country Comparisons of Fuel Production

Interactive pie chart that allows you to select and compare two countries energy production by energy source: fossil, nuclear, hydro or renewable. Data is from 

Export Reports

Export Basecamp projects to PDF. Creates reports for archiving, sharing and reading offline. Now supports images. 

Federal Contracts by State

Federal contract data from visually presented using the Google Chart API. See where the money goes. 

GoogleChart, FedSpending 
FeedBurner Stats Widget

A Google Gadget that displays the number of subscribers to your FeedBurner feed in the past week. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleChart, FeedBurner 

FeedFlix makes it easy to understand your Netflix rental patterns and makes it simple to share your Reviews or Queue with anyone on the net. Charts via the Google Chart API. 

GoogleChart, Netflix 

Compare and track the readership of popular blogs, competitors, etc. Ties together three Google services: a Google Gadget that shows FeedBurner traffic statistics using sparklines generated by the Google Chart API. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleChart, FeedBurner 
Friendfeed Dashboard

A mashup of the FriendFeed API, YUI, Shadowbox.js library and Google Charts. 

GoogleChart, FriendFeed 
FriendFeed Stats

Tracks the FriendFeed public feed to show statistics about FriendFeed. Shows data in a variety of formats in hours, days, months, or services, and allows you to drill down to a specific user or service. 


Shows textual and visual information for all world countries. For each country, a live map and photos are included, plus a map translated to your language. Uses Google Charts for data visualization. 

Panoramio, GoogleVisualization, GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAJAXLanguage 

Gig Pig is a personalised gig guide for Australia. From national rock concerts to your mates band down at the local. Unlike other Australian gig guides, Gig Pig totally operates on user-generated data. 

LastFM, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart, Discogs 
Google Analytics Counter

Get a small counter image from your Google Analytics stats. 

GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics 


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