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KPI watchdog

Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data. 

Added: 2014-03-16
WordPressorg, GoogleAnalytics, Facebook 

Coinstackr’s interactive charting platform provides historical pricing data, a wealth of indicators, moving averages and drawing tools for technical chart analysis. 

Added: 2014-01-26
MtGox, CoinDesk, BTCe, BitStamp 
Square Root Calculator

Square Root Calculator that uses Google Chart API formulas. 

Added: 2010-07-09

Spanish traffic information in real time and via Twitter. Maps of traffic incidents, price of fuel in gas stations, charts, reporting of incidents via user tweets. 

Added: 2010-05-12
Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart, GoogleAJAXLibraries 
Santa Monica Baykeeper Lighthawk Observations

This map and graph displays over 1500 marine vessel observations in Southern California. Vessels can be filtered by type, activity, and date of observation. Additional layers include Marine Protected Areas and Areas of Special Biological Significance. 

Added: 2010-04-02
GoogleVisualization, GoogleMaps 
Color hex

Shows color info including hsl, hsv rgb values and the color chart. 

Added: 2010-03-01
Starbucks Location Information

Use Google Maps to easily find the closest Starbucks. Browse a directory of Starbucks locations by state and city, and then get reviews for a location. 

Added: 2010-01-19
Yelp, Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart 

Meaningtwitt is a mashup between Twitter, Google Visualization API and Meaningtool. It's intended for categorization of Twitter Users through the semantic technology of Meaningtool. 

Added: 2010-01-14
GoogleVisualization, Meaningtool, Twitter 

Shows textual and visual information for all world countries. For each country, a live map and photos are included, plus a map translated to your language. Uses Google Charts for data visualization. 

Added: 2010-01-12
Panoramio, GoogleVisualization, GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAJAXLanguage 
Google Analytics Counter

Get a small counter image from your Google Analytics stats. 

Added: 2010-01-08
GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics 

All celebrity news from around the Web. Track celebs and see their popularity charted via the Google Charts API.  

Added: 2010-01-08
GoogleChart, Freebase, Bing 
Threatened Voices

A collaborative mapping project to build a database of bloggers who have been threatened, arrested or killed for speaking out online and to draw attention to the campaigns to free them. 

Added: 2009-12-01
GoogleMaps, GoogleChart

Create your own charts, find new music or radio stations, watch the videos of your favorite artist or band. 

Added: 2009-08-18
YouTube, YesBroadcastDB, LyricWiki, LastFM, Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertising

A Rails app that identifies news and trends by launching an EC2 cluster running the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop to process Wikipedia log files. Charts and news are displayed using Google and Yahoo APIs. 

Added: 2009-08-13
YahooBOSS, Wikipedia, GoogleVisualization, GoogleChart, GoogleAjaxFeeds, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 
Twitter Grader

Free tool to measure the power and authority of a Twitter user. 

Added: 2009-07-29

The Twitter Instant Speed Meter. TweeSpeed is a web service giving you the number of tweets sent in the last minute. TweeSpeed is based on the public timeline, grab information for the 5 last minutes and calculate an average speed for one minute.  

Added: 2009-06-05
Twitter, GoogleVisualization, GoogleAppEngine 
OK Travel Australia

okTravel is an Australia travel web-site with the goal of displaying statistical data as culture. 

Added: 2009-05-29
OpenLayers, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 
In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for

Predictive Analytics service that analyzes data and creates scores based on the likelihood of opportunities closing. 

Added: 2009-05-11
GoogleVisualization, GoogleChart, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleWebAuth, Salesforce 
Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard

A dashboard to track, both geographically and timewise, the spread of the 2009 swine flu (AKA influenza H1N1). It uses a combination of three Google Visualization gadgets linked between each other. Also uses Google Elements. 

Added: 2009-05-10
GoogleAdSense, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleVisualization 
NYT Trender

Good way to visualize trends via the NY Times by comparing two keywords for number of article mentions over time. 

Added: 2009-04-30


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